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  2. Sun Flyer 4 seat electric.

    Personally I think this is a big concern. Having worked with the UK Electricity Industry for 17 years I fully understand how stretched it is at the moment. For several winters now we have been on the verge of brown outs. With the government’s commitment to electric vehicles in the relatively short term being ambitious I don’t think that enough new power sources can be built in time to meet this. The daily amount of energy used by the combustion of oil based fuels is enormous. If we quickly convert that to electrical energy the existing generating capacity on the National Grid will not be able to cope. The only answer to a demand increase of such a magnitude will require an amount of additional generation that can only be supplied by nuclear power. (New gas powered generation defeats the point of moving to electric power). Ask yourself “How long does it take to build a new Nuclear power station from get go to it producing useable power?” The answer is decades. We are all supposed to be driving electric in less than one. It can’t happen.
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  4. Extreme Water Cooling!!!

    Personaly I am a water cooled man. I found being an air cooler fan made me dizzy.
  5. Extreme Water Cooling!!!

    That's why you're so chilled Martin.
  6. Extreme Water Cooling!!!

    True enough. But liquids are better conductors of heat. I was of course kidding when I said "How about immersing your entire PC in a non conducting fluid". Obviously not a technology intended for the likes of you and I. Personally I'm an air cooler fan. My NH-D15S cools my overclocked 6700K beautifully. Well below TJ Max and quiet too. No point in risking even a small chance or leaks when the Noctua does the job fine. Recently built a Mini ITX system for my daughter and I did install a Corsair H100i V2 AIO. Made sense given the extremely small form factor. Runs very cool. I did delid the CPU though and replace the Intel TIM, between die and IHS, with liquid metal.
  7. Sun Flyer 4 seat electric.

    Range anxiety is a bit of a myth for Tesla owners. Model S 300 miles I recall. Well most of us would be taking a break before that to visit the toilet and to stretch our legs. Unhealthy not to. And with Tesla super charging taking a mere 30 minutes to charge the car, and totally free to use, not so much of an issue. The trip meter on my Mazda CX5 reads 350 miles, although I admit, I drive mostly urban. If you compare a Tesla Model S with a petrol car of similar performance, Lamborghini, Ferrari, I doubt you'll see much greater range. The new Tesla truck will be using a new "mega charger" network, rather than existing super charger technology. Not so much static electricity no, but "structural Batteries" are under development, whereby part of the structure is actually a battery. BAE have a carbon fibre composite structural battery under development. As do other companies. Electric aircraft do have regenerative braking. Hybrids have a system whereby when they reduce power for decent the prop recharges the battery.
  8. Douglas DC-4 / C-54

    thank you, though I did forget to upload the tanker textures, they're coming tomorrow evening
  9. Sun Flyer 4 seat electric.

    I must apologise for that, it's 5 secs empty. Fully laden it's 0 to 60 in 20 seconds. still very fast for a lorry. It can take a 5 percent gradient at 65 mph rather than 45 for a diesel truck. In regard to the initial cost, not announced yet, but in terms of total cost, purchase price, servicing fuel etc, it's 20% cheaper than running a diesel truck. Range is 500 miles, and that's a worst case scenario. Load is 80,000 lbs. True enough, upgrades required. It wouldn't happen over night though, so enough time for the necessary upgrades to be made. Power companies now have a new set of customers to profit from. Japan are already further down the road and doing okay. Here in the UK battery storage technology is being deployed throughout the grid, but sadly barely in the news. Homeowners are installing Tesla Power Walls and similar products from other manufactures. Tesla are also building the biggest battery array in the world in Australia, paired with a wind farm. Nissan are trialling V2G (Vehicle To Grid) technology in the UK and abroad. This will enable owners of the Nissan leaf to sell energy from their cars back to the grid to ease peak demand. So a lot going on, things are changing pretty fast. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/oct/02/electric-car-battery-savings-nissan-leaf-ovo
  10. Some C-46 Commando

    Is that for my appreciation of you screenshots or for admitting what everyone already knows.
  11. Some C-46 Commando

    Thanks Brett!
  12. Some C-46 Commando

    Doh! I'm such an idiot.... Thanks for the correction Matt.
  13. Some C-46 Commando

    That is Just Flight's C46. But you are correct, it does put a lot of payware to shame. Great model.
  14. Douglas DC-4 / C-54

    Great collection Jan Kees, much appreciated.
  15. Some C-46 Commando

    Great shots Ros, it certainly is a gem in the freeware world and puts a lot of payware aircraft to shame.
  16. Rotate MD

    Thanks for the shots Wayne, great looking model with those angry looking morning clouds behind. I was just watching Froogles video on it and it sure is a busy aircraft, have fun with it.
  17. Some C-46 Commando

    Thanks guys They have done a nice work on the FDE, IMO. I see someone on JF forums suggesting some tweaks to rudder authority.
  18. Rotate MD

    Great aircraft the Rotate MD80. It will be a worthy addition to your X-Plane fleet.
  19. Word(s) association game

    RAS (Replenishment at Sea, always a fun exercise in seamanship!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o44tZjjcnxI
  20. Some C-46 Commando

    Great work, nicely caught.
  21. Douglas DC-4 / C-54

    Great job. Nice set of Buffalos.
  22. Some C-46 Commando

    Nice ones Rosario! I just downloaded the new update last night, but haven't installed yet.
  23. Some C-46 Commando

    Super shots!!!
  24. Some C-46 Commando

    With the new SP this aircraft is close to perfect.
  25. Sun Flyer 4 seat electric.

    "don't get the point of 0-60 in 5 secs in a truck...not really a selling point.... " Actually, yes it is in a round about way/Marketing Hype. It means tons of torque ie...no probs starting on steep hills, or hauling big loads up them. Electric motors thrash diesels and petrol engines for torque throughout their rpm range. In the US Tesla went all out installing charging stations across the country, so range is not an issue for Tesla buyers in the US, although charging times still are some issue for the early/current models....sounds like they have addressed that issue with their new truck maybe? They are no doubt doing similar charging station creation in other countries where they are permitted to do so, in order to eliminate the range concerns for new markets. Around major cities we have lots of EV only parking spaces, especially at Office Complexes, but also on city streets in some areas. If their new 18-wheeler can charge up in 30 minutes, that is about the time spent at a diner for lunch, a long sh** break...or as stated, the time it takes to unload the truck. No doubt Tesla will be installing charging systems at loading docks and truck stops all around the country as we speak. As for aircraft. I'm pretty excited about the progress being made. I have more faith in the relatively fewer moving parts in an electric motor than the thousands of moving parts in the engineering and computerized nightmares that are modern combustion engines. My only concern is lightning strikes tearing through the circuitry/wiring/cells, but am confident engine/battery compartments, and wiring harnesses are easy enough to Faraday Cage/Shield to prevent problems. Some charging thoughts: -I wonder if aircraft skins can be made into large capacitors to capture and store the static electricity that builds up on the surfaces...could that be trickled from a capacitor into the main bank via computer magic as a way of extending range? -Certainly incorporating solar cells into any available upper surface would help with charging on ground and a slight range extension in flight, if not actually adequate to power the plane in flight, to help reduce costs/dependence on charging stations. -And I assume (I hope) any aircraft supplied would come with it's own "power converter/charger" so that it could be plugged into normal 115-120V AC power (Or regional normals if different elsewhere) at an airfield and do the AC/DC conversion for charging internally. A last thought I just had: When a normal petrol aircraft runs out of fuel...it is Out of Fuel...thats it...done deal. Batteries on the other hand when they go empty will "regain" a small charge after sitting for a little while, and can give a short burst of power after a break. So in flight if an electric 'runs out of juice' like a normal aircraft it will have to glide to the nearest airfield, but unlike a regular aircraft, the electric has a chance to turn the motor back on briefly during approach for a short burst of power....could mean the difference between making the threshold or hitting a tree before it.
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