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  2. Screenie conversion

    Try using "bmp to jpg bulk converter" as a search term. I got more hits than I could read. John
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  4. On the Northwest Frontier!

    On the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan an RAF Westland Wapiti is on a patrol mission. Thanks for viewing.
  5. Screenie conversion

    When saving screenshots, the default computer setting seems to be to save them as Bitmaps, (BMPs) However if you want to upload them to most hosting sites or even Facebook etc they will usually ONLY accept JPEGs. I do know how to convert the pictures individually but when there are a lot of them it is a long and laborious task. Is there a way of making them automatically save as JPEGs from the start so as to cut out the middle procedure. I cannot find a way of doing it on my PC and even my engineer doesn't know of a way, nor can I seem to find anything in the FS settings menu that may facilitate this. Have any of you guys had similar issues. Thanks , Alan.
  6. Word(s) association game

    Baggy trousers. https://youtu.be/XJOLwy7un3U
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  8. Do you ever get the feeling . . .

    In Formation Tracking.
  9. Word(s) association game

    The answer, lies in the soil
  10. Appears to be ugly WX and ugly terrain, and an airline not permitted to operate in the EU, running old equipment. What could possibly go wrong? Agree Alan - RIP to the victims and peace to the families. What a tragedy. John
  11. RIP all those aboard, 2018 is taking one hell of a butchers bill so far. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-43103192
  12. two France

  13. Funny traffic oddities

    Sorry for prolonged absence, work is taking its priorities and some changes are ahead. Another formation flight, this time performed by Ryanair Some noisy TCAS RA here:
  14. Yak herding in Nepal !

    Nice shots there mate
  15. Group picture

    Classic paint jobs and very well presented, love the formation flying.
  16. Group picture

    A few new paints for the wbs mustang
  17. UKJim Stream Reminder

    It went well, all catch-up videos are now on YouTube 1080p uncut. I did drink an entire bottle of red during the stream so excuse any random sayings like 'smooth like butter' lol. Thanks for viewing drop a like in the videos See you Monday evening at 7pm UK time.
  18. Word(s) association game

    Open cast or deep shaft.
  19. GAAR 2018 is Open

    I've done GAAR in previous years, and it's been great fun. As with MEBAR, the race is against yourself, in accuracy and consistency . . .
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