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  3. Interesting to read back through some of these old threads four years later and see that the sky really was not falling after all. 64-bit P3D and Win10 have made all this sound kind of humorous, though no doubt early 32-bit P3D with few/no add-ons and the Win 8/8.1 debacle did cause a bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth at the time. Given a little patience and riding out the bumps in the road, most things get better over time. John
  4. Map… zoom in a few clicks until you see runways, click on any one and airport and ILS text info will display. Either will do as the ILS frequencies are in the runway table of the airport text. …or... Allard's airport diagrams. John
  5. Might seem a bit random.. ATC gives me an unexpected approach.. Where in P3d can I find the ILS frequency?.. 1...no GPS 2...with GPS. Thank you for your help... Wayne PS... This is assuming I am not running PlanG in the back ground...
  6. wain

    heavier load...

    Dusted this one off, CLS DC10, been a long time, really enjoyed it, Nice to Zurich at Dusk, just a few shots....
  7. wain


    been busy, bought a new van so needed to fit my window cleaning kit in it, also the dreaded DIY, damn I hate that, so not had much time.....damn real world always in the way...
  8. Horsall Common (Just down the road from me!)
  9. J G

    Missing aircraft P3D v4.2

    For some reason the rotary encoder changes the Prepar3D.cfg SEE_SELF value to zero. Setting this value back to 1 solves the problem except for one view. Could some kind person please check their value of SEE_SELF and post it here? The issue seem like it might be something to do with the software I am using to interpret the Rotary Encoder output and the way it interfaces with FSUIPC. Thanks.
  10. Yesterday
  11. mutley

    Para Motor P3D v4

    Agreed Mike, I must try to install it to V4 I had a great time with it on leg 69 of ATWC 6!
  12. IZ0JUB

    Para Motor P3D v4

    This para motor works perfectly OK in P3D v4, I have had great fun with this and must be the best 10 bucks I have ever parted with!
  13. Ohoh you got there before me, thanks for the update, keep us informed.
  14. I don't know JG, have you installed something that is not V4 compatible recently? Have a look here for something similar https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=128865 May mean a reinstall is in order, if so, make sure you remove all the P3D stuff in program data / user appdata and P3D files folder in my documents. (There are better instructions on the web) Joe
  15. J G

    Missing aircraft P3D v4.2

    Update. I deleted my Prepar3D.cfg file and this fixed the issue. I have managed to find the source of the issue. Its a rotary encoder I have set up to control the rudder trim. so it seems to be an issue with the encoder itself or with the software that controls it. I will post more here as I further my investigations.
  16. I think I must have changed a setting by accident or something similar but I cant seem to find out where. I now have invisible aircraft, both addons and those that came with P3D. At least from the outside. The interior views are fine, but all external views show nothing whatsoever. Not even a black aircraft shape. Its like the aircraft have a cloaking system! This situation survives a P3D restart and even a PC reboot. Can anyone suggest what it might be? Thanks in advance, JG
  17. Michael Fish gave us a bum weather forecast the day before the 1987 storm, which has gone down in British history as probably the biggest weather forecast bungle ever. The Mexican woman above gives a bum weather forecast every day and nobody seems to mind, in fact people seem to love it! As our American cousins say: Go figure!
  18. Welcome to My World al la Jim Reeves, the gentleman of country music.
  19. Yea, right ! Welcome to G4S and the world of unsecure security.
  20. Last week
  21. We use I.C.E on our mobile phones for emergency services to be able to contact your next of kin if you are involved in an accident. In Case of Emergency
  22. ICE: The new and improved portal to US Hell for families seeking asylum in the Melting Pot.
  23. Captain Coffee


    No surprise here...what took you so long? Gratz...looking forward to seeing screens of your adventures in it.
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