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Simtech Bell P-39 Airacobra

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One of Simtechs former payware models, Made for FS2004. The Bell P39 was an eccentric beast to say the least. Most fighters of the period were built around the engine, However the P39 was built around the gun with the engine taking second place in the trunk! the propshaft went between the pilots legs to connect with the propellor! The aircraft proved to be tricky to fly under some circumstances and was hopeless at high altitude, however it proved to be an excellent low level strike aircraft. Hundreds were leant to Russia under the lend-lease agreement and they stayed in service for many years. The RAF also used the aircraft in small numbers but were never completely happy with it and it had a fairly short career with the British. They served all over the WW2 conflict areas and were especially busy in the Far Eastern theatre.

This Simtech model is really rather good, Lots of detail and delightful to fly, although just like the real one, it is very nervous in pitch movement due to the unusual position of the engine. This is especially noticable at take off and landing speeds so you have to be alert when landing. The best part about this aircraft of course is in landing as there is no chance of ground looping when braking hard such as you'd get with a tail dragger! It's a great aircraft.



The Bell P39 Airacobra...

prototype XP39




over PNG




In the Western Deserts of Africa



With the RAF (airfield is RAF Stapleford in Essex)



With the Russians



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