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Traffic in the Rain...

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It was very wet today so I spent the time watching the Traffic at McLeland Field:-


I'm driving around in my trusty Austin K2 Ambulance.


The taxiway is very wet but my hefty machine is easy to steer.


Echo looks a bit drowned and the F-16s have their canopies open when parked!


The Trident from Seattle has just landed.


I'm now following this Emerald HS748...


...as it makes its way...


...towards its...


...destination at...


...McLeland Field and...


...touches down on a very wet runway with standing water.


I think he might be feeling glad to have arrived.


Meanwhile the F-16s are armed and ready to depart.


My floatplanes are now working well and this...


...Grumman Goose has just taxied into...


...its pontoon berth...There is another arriving in the top left corner.


There he is taxying in. He is an Avalon from Elfin Cove.


The F-16s are on the move.


Here goes the first, with 35 to follow.


They will all be gone in a...


...few minutes.


I love watching them roar off...


...retracting their gear and...


...turning away onto course.

Thanks for looking :thanks:

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Great shots Peter. :thum: A little water is not going to stop these warriors of the sky. :pilotic: Although the ground crews might be a little unhappy. :(

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Impressive line up of traffic, did I also see 727 and 737's?!

I hope you are charging hefty landing fees :D

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Yes Joe...The Traffic is the same as my FS9 setup with the same FS9 Aircraft with the 737s of Alaska Airways and the 727s of various, including cargo versions. My old Trident 3 also features on its service to Seattle. The cruise ships are as before and so is all the floatplane traffic in the bay. Even the windsurfers are working but I have them turned off for Winter. The only thing I have left out is the sharks as they were a bit of a drain on resources. The bi-annual Staff Tour set off today and that uses an old Comet 4. I'm looking forward to the ORBX scenery for this region as that will make the coastlines mor accurate and complex like Glacier Bay did for FS9...I believe it is due early next year.

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Hi Peter,

Unfortunately I don't get insider info on ORBX but as the CEO is virtually my neighbour now, I will have to work on that!



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