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The life of a SAS 737-600

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Back at ESSA again after a hard days work, but me and FRAPS didn't get along. Or rather, the key I have assigned for screenshots on the Joystick didn't have a good day.

Most of the screenshots I thought I took never ended up at their destination, but hopefully I can sting some sort of story together with what I did get. Will post tonight or tomorrow.

To sum up the flights of the first day of the adventure everything has been in working order (although I did get some sort of engine failure warning on engine 1 as we were taxiing to our gate at ESSA on the last flight), and the voice control version of FS2Crew worked like a charm with a few small exceptions. After a day following a real life schedule I was about 20 minutes late to ESSA on the last flight. A fair reslut I'd say....

I also got word that my first flight to and from Düsseldorf tomorrow has been cancelled (that engine failure needs to be checked before they let me up again), so next up is a flight to St. Petersburg.. this time with the button control version of FS2Crew.

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Well now, I had completely forgot to post the few shots I got from our Düsseldorf - Arlanda flight, but they will be up later on tonight along with the flight to St. Petersburg.

The engineers found no problems with the No.1 Engine dispite the failure message during taxi, and gave us a go ahead for the flight with plenty of time to spare. Still it was nice to not have to go down to Düsseldorf for a second time ;)

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Got stuck with other things last night, but I have the shots with me to work so I can upload them today. And as an added bonus you will also get the return flight from ULLI to ESSA..

@Alan: I trusted the ILS to guide me down, but just wait until you see the approach into ULLI :stars:

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Time to post some images to make some progress in this adventure.

First up I feel I need to appologize for the shots on the leg from EDDL to ESSA. The quality of the shots are at times rather bad. I really need to stop using the MS Office Picture Manager for resizing the images, the JPG compressor in that piece of software just isn't up to scratch, and in the night images it became very apperant.

But let's get on with it.

As mentioned before I had some issues with FRAPS and my joystick on this flight, so the shots I thought I took prior to this one never showed up in the intended folder.

So for that reason we join the flight once established at our cruise altitude somewhere over germany.


Plenty of clouds over mainland europe, and the darkness is setting in


Somewhere over northern Germany


If I remember correctly we have Copenhagen on our left side, and Malmö on our right side


The moon is high as we head up over mainland sweden


Still heading north over Sweden


Just south of the TRS VOR with the STAR for runway 26 plugged into the FMC


And the moon is still watching over our progress


Not sure where we are, but it might be the runway lights showing in the distance


Safe and sound back on the ground, getting guidence from the Follow me truck to our gate


At the gate trying to figure out why there's a failure notice for engine No 1. Better get maintence on it straight away.


Just passed 21:30 Zulu (22:30 local) and it's time to get some sleep after a long work day. Engineers are enroute to check the engine, but management already decided to cancel our flight to Düsseldorf tomorrow morning.


Next stop ULLI in St. Petersburg (see next post)

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With the Düsseldorf flight cancelled the crew arrive well rested for a noon departure to St. Petersburg.

The engineers found no issues with the malfunctioning engine and gave a green light for the flight.

So let's get her started


Pre-Flight complete waiting for pushback


Taxiing out to runway 19L for our departure


Passing my favourite Spotting location on our left. The empty area to our right is where the two Caravelles in this topic are parked


Holding behind other traffic. Prehaps I can blow it out of my way if I apply full reverse thrust... :pilotic:


The Cessna is out of my way, but there was still some inbound to wait for.


More waiting


Something slightly smaller in build was on final too


Finally on my way climbing out over the Baltic Sea. Passing over Mariehamn on the Finnish Island of Åland.


Still got mainland sweden in view far behind us, and a range of islands that are scattered across the Baltic sea between sweden and finland.


Over mainland finland, probably close to Helsinki. On the other side of the water is Estonia.


Almost at the ToD. Time to get clearance for our decent from ATC.


Turing over the last enroute waypoint to begin the STAR for runway 28L


Strange route for the STAR. This is going to take a rather steep turn to get on track for 28L.


The ILS was slightly misaligned by the looks of it. Autopilot off please, let's set her down manually.


Got down in one piece, but it was a rough one. Let's head for our parking spot.


Parked, all ground connections in place and ready to deboard.


Next up our return flight to ESSA.

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Time to return to Stockholm


I keep forgetting I can deploy the air stairs, but letting the passengers climb onboard means they are rather tired and thirsty so they buy more drinks :whis:


The moon is already rising as we head out to 28L for our departure.


Saying goodbye to Russia for the time being


Taking a more southern route back home. Somewhere over Estonia, but it's finland that's in view behind us.


As we start to decend the swedish mainland comes into view in the distance.


But there's still plenty of water to cross before we get there


Looking south over the stockholm archipelago.


While the moon was rising in St. Petersburg the sun is still high in Stockholm


Turning on to finals for Runway 19R with a norwegian 737-800 heading down to 19L


Localizer and Glide slope are active


Looks like this ILS is better aligned that the one in St. Petersburg


Flaps 30, gear down. Let's put the rubber on the tarmac.


Vacating with room to spare


Heading back to the terminal


A slightly thight fit at gate 15.


Air Baltic waiting at the next gate. Probably heading for Tallin soon.


And that's it for now, next destination Berlin Tegel.

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Thanks guys.

I hope to find the time to get the next leg done tonight, but it might take me some time to get the images published.

We have our Auditors visiting at work tomorrow to look over our accounts for the year... :(

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Thanks Max.

I hope I can get the shots of the next flight (ESSA-EDDT) up tonight, managed to find the time to fly it yesterday.

Took me quite some time to get the flight plan sorted though.. two of the intersections I grabbed from the RW FPL DB as published in the opening post was misspelled.

The plan as I typed it from the site...

Arlanda ESSA - Berlin Tegel - EDDT - ESSA via SID to NOSLI via N850 to MEMBA via N33 to BIKRU via UN33 to POBOX via UZ131 to RODEP via T208 to GOBLO via STAR to EDDT - FL400

and the way it should have been...

Arlanda ESSA - Berlin Tegel - EDDT - ESSA via SID to NOSLI via N850 to NEMBA via N33 to BIKRU via UN33 to POBOX via UZ131 to RODEP via T208 to GOLBO via STAR to EDDT - FL400

Both of the misspelled intersections do exist with the spelling I put into the flight planner, but MEMBA is somewhere deep in russia, and GOBLO was somewhere in the middle east if I remember correctly. The MEMBA/NEMBA problem I spotted rather quickly in the flight planner, but not the GOBLO/GOLBO issue. That one I spotted when I imported the flight plan into the NGX and my FMC claimed I didn't have enough fuel, even with full tanks!!

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So, let's head for Berlin

A stopover at home means Cleaning, Catering, Refueling and emptying of the lavatory :wacko2:


A Norwegian 738 taking off. Wonder where my competitor is heading for.. anyway, with all other necesary procedures done let's start boarding...


Come on you guys, we're almost flying empty on this leg, you've got to be finished loading the bags by now!


Finally pushing back, but we're late. I just hope the once sloted behind me suffered from the same slow cargo handlers


I guess not, both BA and FinnAir managed to sneak by me...


And another Norwegian inline ahead of them. Guess we can take it slow on our way to the runway.


Finally taking of from runway 19R, following the NOSLI SID passing over the township of Märsta, my hometown until december last year. But I still pass that roundabout every morning on my way to work.


Speaking of my work, somewhere behind all those clouds is where I spend my workdays...


Oh my, didn't realize we had someone in the jumpseat for this flight. Ehm, welcome aboard I guess...


Passing over the small city of Åhus in the south of sweden, ready to head out over the Baltic Sea.


And there's the water, but not to far before we are over dry land again.


Decending over northern Germany


Berlin in sight..


And so is our destination, should be visible on the right side, but the STAR/Transition will take us away to the east first...


Before we can make a 180 degree turn on to finals


Setting sun, flaps 30 and gears down and locked... let's land this baby...


So many airports in Berlin, and all of them seem to have the same orientation on their runways. Let's hope I'm aiming for the right one..


500 feet to go


Not far now...


Ease her down captain.


Down, safe and sound. Let's follow that checkered car, he looks like he knows where he's going...


Plenty of Air Berlin Flights here.


Gate 57, I think I deboarded here when we went to Berlin back in 2010. We had to ride a bus from the plane to that "far away" white building...


Parked up and ready to deboard.


That's it for now, hope you enjoyed.


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Time for the last passenger flight on this adventure, the last flight in to Gardemoen is just a ferry flight.

Boarding in Berlin


Pushback was a bit messy (my fault for doing things in the wrong order), but at least we didn't hit anything


Scandinavian 285 Taxi to and hold short of Runway 26R.


Climbing almost straight out, following the SID, and in about two seconds we do a 180 turn...


Climbing towards FL400 over northern germany


Once again both Malmö and Copenhagen in the same shot, but this time both are off my left bow


Traffic!! Yelled my FO... I think he's a bit wet behind his ears.. that Lear is 3.000 feet below us, relax...


Cruising over Sweden. The moon is keeping us company tonight too


And all of a sudden ATC wants us to decend to FL120! Well, it was time to head back down again, but in order to meet the request and be level at 12.000 by the time we pass the TRS VOR we had to make a rather steep decent.


Feels like I've flown this STAR a few times by now.. once again we arrive on runway 19R


Lovely night photo with us on short final


And for once I didn't forget to grab a touchdown shot!


Ok, let's see now.. Yes, gate 17 is free, let's grab it before someone else does..


Parked up and shut down. Jobs done.


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