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MEBAR004 Leg 4

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Hi all!

I suppose I should post these shots of Leg 4 in the good old HS748, since it flies over my house! But more on that later

We start off in the Isle of Man, at Rondalsway airport. Nice weather, especially since Leg 3. That bodes well, for later


Prepping the engines, we get ready


You can see the alteration to the HS748 panel - just the FTime gauge. The TCAS-like radar was default


Engines starting


Just looking around the AI and found this:


It's a nice aircraft!

And so, for only the second time, the engines are advanced without full brakes holding her down, we lift off


Gear up


Fully up


Turning for the Emerald Isle




Dublin (EIDW) is just visible to the left, and Poolbeg Towers (a welcome sight to any person returning to Ireland). Sadly, they were blown

up a few years ago


Weston airport ahead - it was quite a nice GA airport, but it closed last year


First sight of Portlaoise in the distance


Racing down the M7 on the right, with the railway line to the left. This is around Kildare (well, should be!)


Turning around at Portlaoise


Here's an explaination of the area


Flying over the M7 junction marked out above


Goodbye Ireland


Gear down as we approach Llandber





It's amazing how slow this thing will land at - just look at the speeds!





And that's all folks!


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Superb, thanks for sharing Kieran.

I hope you enjoyed the Rally as much as I did.

I lost my shots of 4 & 5 when doing a disc tidy but yours bring back the memories, I am thinking of flying those again to get some shots!



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Thanks for posting these screen shots, particularly the Portlaoise shots. :thum:

I don't remember the town when I turned - could have been a nav problem... I blame Andrew! :whis:

Oh Yes, those towers:

Reminds me of Pembroke power stations 600 foot chimney.

CHeers - Dai. :cool:

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