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Steam FSX/FS Flying School/FSUIPC

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Deep breath.

I'm running with Win 10 Pro 64 bit. 

Recently bought, and installed FS Flying School. Delighted with it. All consuming at this stage as it's so versatile. 

It came with an included FSUIPC, which is fine because that's what I wanted as well. 

Getting a simple Cessna 172 in position ready to take off, I can click on  'addons' then 'FSUIPC' along the top bar.

Nothing happens. No reaction apart from my still being able to go ahead and take off.

So...how do I get to input any changes with FSUIPC?

I've asked the designer, Peter Dawson,  who directs me to FSFlying School. The post I create there gets no replies.


What to do??? Reliable Mutley's Hangar. 


I'm open to suggestions! Decent ones.

    Many thanks.



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Light flickers on.

I have its Manual installed already so the answer lies there, methinks.

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Hi James. The program probably needs the freeware FSUIPC to run and is why it comes with it but only if you purchase the full payware FSUIPC can you actually use it's advanced utilities.  Just guessing because I don't have the Flying School but have received the freeware FSUIPC in other addons that needed it to run them.  

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I suggest you download the latest FSUIPC. 

If you really don't want to purchase the full licence, you should still see the interface come on the screen even with the free version. So I suspect there could be a problem with the install.

You also could do with telling us what settings you want to program.




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Clicking "Add-ons" and "FSUIPC" isn't supposed to make anything happen.  The fact that you have an "Add-ons" meu bar with "FSUIPC" in it means FSUIPC is installed and running.  When FSUIPC is installed correctly, it starts when FS starts and is ready to facilitate communications between FS and other related programs such as Flying School.


I don't have Flying School and don't know how you start it and kick it off, but clicking on Add-ons -> FSUIPC is most certainly not the way to get Flying School going.  


I doubt you need the paid version of FSUIPC - it adds some nifty features but most add-on FS programs only need the basic features of FSUIPC to interface with FS and all that happens in the background.  The functionality of FSUIPC with respect to add-on programs is mostly invisible, except for the fact that it allows the the add-on programs to actually work.


Read further, but read the documentation for Flying School to see how to get the instructor working.  I don't think your problem lies with FSUIPC.


Apologies if I've mis-read your problem.




EDIT: Re-reading your original post, it sounds like Flying School is working properly.  Not sure what you're expecting FSUIPC to do but if Flying School is running properly, FSUIPC is already doing what it's supposed to be doing, which is allowing one program to trade data and commands with the other. 


Put another way, FSUIPC is not really a "hands-on" program, though some of the additional features that get turned on with the paid version are more hands-on.



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Thankee, John. 

I am happier now about both FS Flying School and FSUIPC. 

They both serve to widen my horizons and I had a few coins jingling in my pocket.



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