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For those interested in commercial airliners in FS and haven't been on the dark side of the Moon for the last week you can't help but notice that Qualitywings have released the B787 for P3D.


This is one aircraft I have been looking forward to adding to my hangar.


It has arrived with a few bugs as any complex piece of software will do but overall it is a good looking aircraft. pleasant to fly and with a little refinement could become a favourite.  The FMC is the heart of the aircraft but unplug it, fly it manually and you will find it responsive with no ugly surprises.


The flight deck is a modern wonder.  Very logical in its layout and if, like me, your introduction to FS was in the early 90's or earlier, you will really appreciate the "eye candy" not too mention the depth of detail available at your finger tips.




I have around twelve hours logged with the aircraft so far and looking forward to adding more!

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great shot, this will be coming to me soon but real world means I need a new van first, also a bit stuck learning a 747 at the moment...

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