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Respect to EE Lightning pilots

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I decided to have a go with my Tac-Pack EE Lightning to try and shoot down a drone.  I had not embarked on this venture before as I am still 'flirting' with Tac-Pack from time to time.  So I set up the drone, set the height, speed and course and set off in my Lightning.  As I have still not figured how to use the radar and fire the missiles yet, I was stuck with the cannon!


Boy...this hard!  The target is small and you only get the briefest of moments to fire.  I never realized that trying to shoot something down would be so difficult!  No wonder it takes so long to train a fighter pilot!  As for the Lightning......well....it's a good job that I started off with full tanks as after my excursion, I was down to about half full!  And I didn't even knock it out of the sky    :cray:.....maybe next time!!

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Practice makes perfect.:) It's even worse when they are shooting back at you.

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