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Aligning colours across different skin sections

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Another question for the painters and decorators...


Aligning colours across different skin sections.  How is this best done? 


I am trying to repaint an aircraft with the sort of camo you might see on a WW2 Spitfire.  Where the stripes trace from one paint section to the next is very difficult to get the alignment right.  I spend hours making fine adjustments, going through a long winded file conversion to get the right format, copying the file into P3D and finally running P3d to see if it is correct. Nine times out of ten it isn't quite right and I have to go through the whole process again.  Its long winded and a real pain.


Is there anything I can do, or a tool I can use to shorten this process?




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Yep, I have heard those complaints before, LOL. :D I have seen others create a grid over the aircraft but not sure how it's done.


You might do better researching re-painter sites to get a more condensed version of tips for this. 

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