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Heavy Haulage.

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My friend that owns Bognor Regis Airfield told me a while ago the Rolls Royce Motors (who have a logistics centre a short distance from the airfield) had asked him if they could be permitted to fly VIPs into the field for business meetings etc. I took it a stage further and have been trying to find the largest aircraft I could get to operate in and out of the airfield and still live a safety margin on the airfield. My way of thinking was that if Rolls Royce needed to ship in things like engines from BMW etc then they would need something to carry the load. This was my solution, the C-27 Spartan, it has short take off and landing, great ground handling manoeuvrability and can swallow a good load! The model is Iris's payware Battlefield Airlifter.


















Thanks for viewing.

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I'm sure the neighbors won't mind at all,:D good choice Alan :thum:

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