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Evening guys,


Decided to do another flight today to test the PMDG 777 along with UK2000s version of EGLL, and Fly Tampa OMDB. I had to change my settings ever so slightly to get acceptable fps around LHR which was a shame, but OMDB was excellent - I only wished I'd clicked transparent windows now! Oh well, onto the shots, just a few of them today as the majority of the flight was during night hours! Apologies again, this time I saved them in BMP but still the quality decreases, and for some reason it looks like it's taken my Anti-Aliasing out when I've hit the screenshot button! The mind boggles....


Cruise over Iran as the first light appears



After (another) G/A, this time due to conflicting traffic taking off toward me, spectacular vectors back round for the opposite runway, 12L.



Short finals



Disembarking at F6



And a bonus shot of my circuits at Heathrow yesterday to get accustomed to the aircraft!



I appreciate that BA don't use the B773 on the LHR-DXB service, but seeing as PMDG only made a B777-200LR variant of the 200 <_< I had to improvise. Thanks!






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Artistic license is always allowed Chris.:) Great sampling of shots of a long flight.:thum:

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Lovely shots mate - the PMDG 777 is a superb plane - I had it for FSX but not P3D and didn't re-buy it. The good thing about flight sim, is the fact you can be flexible with mixing and matching companies and planes :)


Nice shots

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