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Just Flight C-46 Commando

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Just published is Andrew Goddens's review of Just Flight's C-46 Commando.

Another product from the studios of Aeroplane Heaven, has their quality got any better?  Read on...

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A very objective and well written write-up by Andrew

Seems like a nice aircraft, but sadly not one I would pay full whack for..

Like Andrew, I have to question why 'tread blocks' were deemed more important as a 'detail' than rivets.


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Nice job Andrew. I agree completely with your assesement. This is an addon which will appeal to a casual flightsimmer far more than someone who Flys by The Book and wants an addon to reflect a Study Level or at least Accurate rendering.


AH is not A2A quality or even Carenado in my opinion, and it's why I gave JF/AH Otter release a pass and waited for MilViz's DH-3 Otter to release, specifically thanks to my experience of using the C-46 for a while. It is pretty but leaves you wanting more.


Dev strategy rant follows:

AH products are falling shorter and shorter of expectations for this era of FS products...I hope they up their game because I do like the models they are choosing to release, iconic aircraft that many people are excited to see out there, like the C-46...however...putting an "Adequate Pretty" version of a model out there kind of discourages other Devs from making a Better and "Accurate" one of the same model, if the market share among those interested in that model already spent their bucks on a previously released "Lesser AH" quality version. IMHO putting out cheep "Casual and Adequate" payware models of Exciting and highly desirable aircraft leaves the payware market full of substandard models of those iconic aircraft, prompting devs to find "Other" models to put out ... IE: There is already a Pretty C-46 out now with a VC populated by dummy switches, inaccurate radios, and INOP systems...what chance that an "Accurate" one will be made in the near or far future?

/end rant

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