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Captain Coffee

Leg-24b Rarotonga Intl - NCRG to The Rescue...to NTAA. Leg-2 of 2

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Pat Moran here. Coffee is safe, if a bit of a bloody mess. He asked me to post a preface to his PIREP as placeholder/appetite whetter until he recovers from his injuries. He has much to relay to you.


This mishap/adventure regrettably is causing a bit of leg sequence out or ordering, beggining as it were at the end of the 2-leg ATWC with the baton delivery at NTAA, rather than starting out moving it from NCRG. But fact is hostile agents moved the baton out of NCRG, briefly touched down at NCAT, and then absconded with it to a secret base, Coffee followed, and now needs rescue...this is the story of the rescue.


To keep the ATWC narrative moving Coffee requested before his final unconscious bout that I again access his account here and pre-publish an excerpt from our THRUSH Operation to rescue him...and leave the backstory and actual baton delivery to the Capt. when he comes out of the induced coma...possible another day or so.



From the desk of General Patrick Moran, CTO (Commander and Tactical Officer) THRUSH

Executive status report regarding recent impromptu operation that will be known henceforth as "The Baton Death Macchi"

Thanks to an embedded agent at the Mutley board (tasked with monitoring an adversary asset)... our own legendary THRUSH Colonel A.G code name "Tit"... we were alerted in advance that Mutley board member and ATWC pilot "Capt. Coffee" might have made a target of himself, quite by accident, by guessing to closely the secret reason behind our covert mission at THRUSH...and as such, resources were already being positioned in the event his "revelations" on the Mutley board were spotted by our adversaries the Kraken people AKA...Squids. That attention being a near certainty due to the thread in question created by a well known UNCLE agent (code named "Uncle M.") as a venue  to spread disinformation about the Squid Invaders...yet more of his typical pollyannaish hogwash about how only Advanced Benevolent aliens could cross the stars, certainly not anything like the carnivorous cannibalistic wanna be conquering scheming Squid invaders we actually have deep in our midst...just another pathetic attempt by those turncoat traitorous UNCLE Agents to placate gullible humans into accepting Squid dominion when they strike. A wry Salute to "Tit" for putting that mole in his place, a mole whom we will deal with at another time...for now, UncleM is a useful resource we continue to  monitor for UNCLE intel.

Regarding the contentious revealing thread: Through board PM channels and fabricated "Member complaints" we manipulated the Mutley officers to take the thread down shortly after "Tit" gave the officers "Cause" to do so, without having to reveal any secret information to the board officers, but Coffee's unwitting revelation was assuredly going to attract undersea attention to himself.


...forward to 1/7/18
At 20:00 zulu I got a Satellite call that confirmed our suspicions...it was going to be necessary to rescue my old buddy. Captain Matt Coffee flew into a nest of our Squidly and UNCLE foes and found himself imprisoned in one of their bases, a new location to us in an area where we previously had only suspected the squids might harbor a base...and from his brief description of the fortress he is being held at, a HUGE piece of luck for us,  it seems the lucky numbskull accidentally may have found the Squid's Main base.  Somehow he managed to precisely navigate through the narrow window of their warp/mist gate without a Squid beam to guide him in...or perhaps he was close on the heels of his stolen BAC-111 which guided him in...but...that latter possibility seems quite unlikely given the relative speeds of the aircraft. I believe it more likely, though improbably lucky, that he managed to hit the window unguided, or perhaps unlucky I suppose from his point of view...as he is no doubt being tortured at this very moment, if not already breaded and fried.

I put a call out to special ops, and we have a fast surface strike craft on the way to the area. As well, I am on my way personally to pick up an aircraft nearby to attempt to make my way to the base if possible, and pursuant to directive Alpha-01 I am activating resource TN-235 and loading it onto my aircraft, which won't be coming back with me.



I arrived at NCRG Monday morning in the just picked up, and still unloaded Macchi MB236.



The Aermacchi MB-326 is a former light military jet trainer designed in Italy in the early 50's. Also used as 2 seat light attack aircraft jet it is powered by a Rolls-Royce Viper non-afterburning turbojet. This one is an ex-Australian bird. The Royal Australian Air Force operated 87 MB-326Hs from 1967 to 2001. I acquired this from them many years ago, and have kept it pickled for an emergency nearby. THRUSH has this and other aircraft stored around the world for just this sort of thing...the THRUSH mission, and it's financial operations, often needs resources anywhere at anytime at a moments notice. I am happy we had this fast and stable flying resource available close. The TN-235 Package is already delivered and waiting, and it is loaded aboard at centerline...very carefully....and then I set out to find some clues to what happened to Coffee.


I visit the local clinic and interview one of the mechanics found unconscious behind the maintenance hangar where the BAC-111 was stolen. He had a rather odd sounding and unbelievable tale to anyone but a THRUSH agent.


There is no sign or clue at this point where Coffee went other than a bearing from NCAT, which without a better guide will only end in me out of fuel over empty ocean...I need someone to tail. IF there is a squid base nearby, I probably won't have long to wait.

My luck holds and I spot what could be an opportunity. After a couple days hanging about Rarotonga airport my normal shoddy luck turns, and Wednesday morning I spot an unmarked purple Executive CRJ arrive on the ramp. Squids LOVE purple, and UNCLE loves unmarked aircraft...so I get closer for a look at this suspicious aircraft.  I reposition the Macchi and I park it up next to the CRJ. My Macchi is now fully loaded with "Just in Case" weapons packages...I am hoping to not have to fight my way into the base, and I am definitely not planning to fight my way out in this bird. But I am definitely itching to pull the trigger on this CRJ right here and now, if I didn't need them to guide me to Coffee.




It both looks and smells fishy, this must be an UNCLE transport used for Squid travel. I notice it has the distinctive blocked out center windows, a Tell for a Squid Transport. UNCLE pilots ferry high ranking squids in these jets. The squid transports have large comfortable well stocked and windowless warm water filled tank compartments on center...windowless so they can't see that they are in the air of course. I make sure I walk from the Macchi after a "Check" so that I can saunter right past the CRJ and place a covert tracker in the nose wheel well. I spend most of the rest of the morning poking around the airfield until I spot a pair of fishy looking individuals, smartly dressed, too smart for vacationers here in Rarotonga, where the dress code definitely more tends towards the casual or undressed.  I think I have my UNCLE agents/pilots in sight. I shadow them till they look like they are preparing to travel later that afternoon...ie...have bags in hand. They must be traveling to the Squid base somewhere nearby to pick up a dignitary for travel. I rush to the Macchi and get it ready to follow the CRJ...what can I say, I am not as lucky as my little buddy, I have never personally won a lotto ticket nor a jackpot on a slot machine (Coffee told me he had once pulled triple 7's on his last 2 nickles...pigeoner), nor have I ever made up a ridiculous sounding joke which turned out to be 99% true. Ergo, I reason that I can't count on a lucky pass through the Mist Gate without an unwitting guide.


The CRJ heads to the ramp, I get clearance to taxi right before him so as to not appear to be Following.




Once at the turn around at the end of #8, I and my Spec.Ops THRUSH agent passenger pause to "Double Check systems on the Macchi" and indicate to the tower that the CRJ should go ahead of me.




The CRJ makes its turn at the end of 8...and takes off smartly.




And the chase is on...





The weather is horrible and worsening, visibility is near zero at times...I rely on the planted tracking device to stay behind and below the CRJ.



lightning flashes all around,



The clouds get unnaturally dense suddenly, I suspect we are transiting along the Squid beam through their Mist Gate....I do my best in this rolling weather to stay centered behind the CRJ.



Suddenly, the clouds clear as if magically transported to a Weather Free zone...the Squid's Bio tech no doubt is causing selective ocean warming and generating the storms around the Mist Gate, helping to hide it and the base from sight.


Ah, the legendary hidden squidly archipelago...we had heard rumors of it for so long, to actually see it in person. Magnificent, but it needs to die.



The lazer systems will shoot me down if I try to sneak in alone, I don't want to ditch my plane like poor little buddy Coffee ended up doing, this Macchi has important work to accomplish yet, I have to crowd in very close to the CRJ and use it's larger radar signature to mask mine.


Very close...



Very Very VERY close...



Once past the lasers I shoot ahead of the CRJ, the last thing I need on arrival is the human goons in the CRJ to deal with as well as whom/whatever is in the base hangar.The CRJ of course has spotted me by now and radio'd ahead, but I think I timed it well enough to make the base before they shut me out.



I can just spot Coffee's bird in the hangar ahead.



I spy another Uncle transport and an alien experimental craft also deep within the hangar as I park the MB  well behind Coffee's BAC-111 just before they can shut the doors on me, and me and my passenger quickly dash out guns blazing. We quickly neutralize the only 3 Human UNCLE guards who had just arrived on the hangar floor in response to the CRJ's warning, and I run alone to the base inner passages and stairwells, making my way up, Coffee is no doubt being held in the upper fortress. My passenger gets to work on his assigned tasks.



I won't detail the fight to the fortress, but fortunately there were only a few UNCLE agents at the base, and lots and lots of Squid foes to contend with, but as Old Perseus found, Squids can Not take a punch...


It was a fight and a half thanks to the sheer numbers of squid guards, but not as tough as one might think...it's fairly easy to kick even a very large squid's ass when it's out of the water.

Even so, a vital piece of my exit strategy was damaged in the fight, I need a chance at some point to repair some exposed circuitry on my wrist device.


Once in the main fortress I locate Coffee by his screaming, and quickly dispatch his suddenly not so tough torturers...when my fist ends their squishy lives with the help of my utility knife clutched within it...they drop like the quivering sacks of spineless jelly they are.


A THRUSH Special Ops helicopter arrives just in time to coincide with the rescue of Coffee from the squid torture chamber.





...it followed the Macchi to the base by tracking and following the precise course of a high power transmitter beacon in the MB jet which is linked via a satellite encryption system networked to the powerful radars in the THRUSH strike craft 20 miles out....necessary to cut through the powerful EM scramblers that normally hide the position of the squid base from all EM spectrums from Visible through radar frequencies. The strike craft being so close it is able to cut through, and We now have the precise route into the base recorded (as well as some clues about their signal processing that we may be able to use to our advantage elsewhere) not that we would need this route for long...if all goes as planned.



The THRUSH SpecOps helicopter extracts us from the roof of the fortress, and quickly carries us back down to the hangar, avoiding a long run back down the freshly slimed and very bloody inner pathway up to the top levels...a run Coffee in his weak state would never make.



...the doors are now open again thanks to the work of my Macchi passenger, a Special Ops THRUSH frogman who planted c-4 charges and blew up the underwater door mechanism, then guarded the aircraft in the hangar while I was on my way up to rescue Coffee. The Frogman is now picked up by the same heli that dropped us off...and it rushes with all possible speed back up and out of the archipelago back to it's mother strike craft.


Now in the hangar, I support a very weak Coffee as we rush to the BAC-111. Once we are seated in the cockpit, I use the length of my forearms to shove every switch on at once on every panel, I ChuckList the One Eleven to a record fast start up,  and start to barrel out of the hangar.



But Coffee needs to fly us out despite his near delirious state...so one last Whack across his face brings him back from the much needed Pass Out he was hoping to indulge in once we made the 111 cockpit seats, "Sorry little buddy but pull it together man, I need you to fly, I still have some electronics to fix..."



The lightly loaded (2 guys, a baton, and not much gas) One Eleven shoots skyward or trys to, Coffee, highly mindful of the lazer defenses straight ahead...keeps the nose down to pick up speed and clear under the first archway.





Remembering his Little Bean BD-5J scorched to death and even burned almost to Starbucks Roast levels a day or so ago, he pulls hard to starboard and carves an nearly impossibly sharp turn to pass in front of the first Rock edifice outside the arches ...completely avoiding the Laser Death Entrance/Exit channel, but almost tearing the 111 wings off in the process.



Just as we narrowly survive the turn, I receive word on the Comms that the Spec-Ops helicopter has cleared the Island's designated proximity perimeter, and I finish completing repairs on the last connections in the wrist band circuitry. I wait another minute or so until I calculate we have also well cleared the minimum safe perimeter ...and I test/toggle the repaired switch."Click"


Resource TN-235 detonates inside the Macchi...then so does the island...then, suddenly the artificially generated clouds and weather clear revealing THRUSH's handiwork.



Good by Main Squid base. Of course this won't be the End of the Squids, after all these centuries of occupation they are prolific in our oceans, but this action will surely be a huge crimp in their plans and an enormous blow to their operations.


As we fly clear of the now destroyed base we find ourselves able to navigate again, GPS is reading our position and we set course for Tahiti...and Coffee passes out for good...he will be useless from here out...and deserves a long rest frankly.




I finally spot NTAA through the actual weather around Tahiti and prepare our approach, which will be a bit high. We are low as hell on fuel and I will have to nail it in one.



I've never flown a One Eleven before, but I just treat it like a mil bird and it rewards me with a fine handling but steep approach.



and I carve her down to correct approach height...



And pull a smoky greaser to land.



Parked at NTAA.



We are safe and heading for a nearby hospital to put Capt. Coffee into medical care...he passed out good while on the way to Tahiti and will be out for a couple days recovering.


Please stand by for his report on the Beginning of this adventure. Out of normal sequential order regretfully, but there is nothing normal about these ATWC legs, please indulge him for just a bit more and Coffee will fill you in on the backstory and the airplane theft adventure just as soon as he is able. 


For now the baton is safe and under THRUSH protection still locked in the One Eleven safe...Coffee will turn it over personally just as soon as the doctors can get him up and stable.


Cheers Muts.

Pat Moran

THRUSH Commander. Coff's buddy.


Edited by Captain Coffee
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What a PIREP.:unclemartin:Good to have friends and Matt is a lucky guy, well done soldier.:thum: 


Get well soon Matt.:)

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Wow what a PIREP!  I like the rest of the world had no idea of the presence of the Squids and UNCLE, or Thrush for that matter.

This PIREP seems to have opened my eyes to these bad guys, but I know little of Thrush. I suspect that this narative just scratches the surface.


I have enough troubles avoiding Boris the hit man at the moment, but I will be on the lookout for Thrush in the future. 


I hope Matt recovers quickly, as I look forward to seeing how he got into this mess!

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Pat Moran?

Weren't you banned from our forums? I think we can make an exception here! 

It never fails to amaze me some of the shenanigans you guys get up to, superb PIREP Coff. :thumbup: 

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Wow!!!  Good Christ, how am I supposed to follow a PIREP like that?  I feel so....small.

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1 hour ago, brett said:

Just sniff a little cat nip.:whis:


Coffee might just have a bit in the 111 safe if I know my bud. ;)


Btw...Coffee is awake, debriefed, and sitting on the beach processing the last few days. He will probably post his PIREP tonight.


Maybe I'll see you chaps another time.


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Oh Pat.. that was SO good.. i could almost say something that would get me banned!

Good on you for getting the baton on to the next stage...


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