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I have been looking into this, currently use unregistered verson. I have been reading the manual and it is a lot to take in.


I use SPADnext for my Saitek panels and all is good there.


For my controllers and Saitek TPM I am looking at buying FSUIPC, is it a good purchase once it is understood how it works?

Am I correct in thinking I set up my controllers in a profile which is aircraft specific and activate that profile from the dropdown menu?

FSUIPC hopefully wouldn't effect my panels, is this correct?

The manual explains about deleting all calibrated controllers from P3D4 setup, is this what you have done?


Also if I buy do I need to uninstall the free version before registering or do I get something like a passcode......?


Thanks for your help.....

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Hi Wayne,

My Saitek Yoke, pedals and TQ don't need any kind of 3rd party software to set up and run, they just work using the standard Windows drivers. If yours are running too then then leave as is would be my advice.

Buying the full version of FSUIPC is only really necessary if you need to apply custom calibration and button assignment and a few other tweaks which I am not sure that P3Dv4 needs?

However, I do have the full version as I like to support developers for the hard work they do, I also use Wide Client to use FSUIPC on a remote PC for programs like Plan-G etc.

If you do buy FSUIPC then just download and install the latest version, it will overwrite any present installation as it is the same program but you enter a key code if you have purchased from Simmarket.

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thanks Joe, seems I was having a bit of an issue with the cable from the powered hub to the PC, it was a hard wired hub so if the wire is intermittently failing it is useless, bought a new one, reinstalled and all seems ok now, I may get it in the future but for now will stay as I am.....

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