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Moroccan Falcon.

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Built this one over the last few weeks. progress was slow due to Christmas getting in the way and having to wait for decals to arrive. The basic kit is a one of Academy's snap together ones, however the detailing is good but it came with horrible stick-on markings instead of proper decals. So I set to work making it look more grown up.  The joints were glued and not snapped. the cockpit gained a pilot and instrument panel,  and the paint job is definitely NOT American. This is a Royal Moroccan Air Force F-16C in 1/72 scale.  Decals are by Caracal and Tech-mod.  Had an issue with the varnish at the end but am pleased with the result. Weathering is minimal as the phots I've managed to find show these aircraft to be in pristine condition in spite of their harsh environment.












The real ones are immaculate.




Thanks for viewing, comments welcome.

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