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PA28 to Belfast

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So I picked this one up a awhile back but not really had time to try properly. Christmas Eve flight from Shannon to Belfast, direct route.......I really enjoyed this flight, it was the kind where you land, shut down and wish you had time for another......this aircraft handles so well, once settled at 5000ft she was so easy to trim, minor adjustment with a slight input of throttle and we were back where we should be........used the the moving map on Little Nav Map for seeing where I was, it also shows Ai aircraft.......This PA28 is not fast but was a nice change after a lot of Phenom flying lately, love the worn out interior and viewed from outside it looks good to, great work by JF........ I also like how a lot of devs are going with these interactive checklists, had them a lot in XP and is great they are coming more to FSX/P3D......anyway here are some pics, hope you like them....


line up at Shannon...


climbing out, gently, a bit like sipping Captain Morgans Spiced rum this aircraft, slow and enjoyable....


also this is new scenery of Ireland from ORBX, yes Santa has been good to me.........well you have to treat yourself, don't you??


just about staying below the clouds.......


getting ready to land, ATC guided me north of Belfast then a right turn back to the runway.......


captured the ILS and then trimmed to keep on the GS, I often struggle to trim like this but this one just works.......


all done, parked up at Belfast, can't wait for our next trip, hope you enjoyed it half as much as I did......


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Lovely shots. Terrific plane, I have the Turbo III/IV versions. They are fine flying and near A2A flight systems feel to them, especially with AccufeelV2 installed ;) .


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Glad to see you finally had a proper flight over some new scenery in the Piper, they are wonderful aircraft to fly. Great shots and play by play, :thum:

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