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REX/Milviz WX Advantage radar issue

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Hi friends

I've purchased the REX/Milviz WX advantage radar, mostly because all reviews say it has little to no impact on frame rate. Well sadly I see a consistent frame rate loss instead.

I've installed it on my old i5 PC at the moment so I have yet to see how it behaves on the new and more powerful machine.

But I would like to know if anyone has got issues with this product? Maybe is something about the ATI graphics card? I run the sim with generally conservative settings and rarely got this kind of impact from any addon.

I've tried it on two aircrafts with the panel already implemented: Milviz C310R and Flysimware Learjet 35A. Both have the GTN installed too. Maybe the two gauges don't like to work together lol.

Have not tried yet what happens installing it as a simple 2d-panel.

Thanks in advance for any help, captains. :hat:

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As far as I know the weather radar works outside of FSX so you shouldn't see any fps loss but I can't say the same for the GTN units from what I've heard. I don't have either one so my only advice would be to uninstall them from the aircraft and do some testing by installing each separately and see witch one is causing the fps loss on this older PC before seeing if both together are the culprit. Good luck.:)

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Happy to report that on the other PC everything is smooth as silk. So it was a matter of minimal requirements and so another reason to change desktop PC!




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