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Captain Coffee

Bay Area Dusk Tour, C152-II

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One advantage of a slow little thing like this is my aging computer can keep up with the Texture refreshing while I slowly fly along it.

Makes for a very scenic little tour bird, so I went for a small jaunt around the S.F. Bay area, mostly, during a dusk flight in my new Carenado Cessna C152-II, enjoying the lush scenery and unusually high frame rates for my machine considering the scenery complexity.



Just departing from Novato, KDVO.



Passing over CA35, San Rafael...then I'll be taking a right turn toward the coast and Mt. Tamalpais in the background.



Alpine Lake and Dam located on the flanks of Mt. Tamalpais, a reservoir feeding thirsty Mill Valley customers and their redwood hot tubs just below.



Cresting a ridge before the coast around the Stinson Beach/Bolinas area.



Getting an overview of the beach, and spotting a ship out in the channel I want a closer look at.



A Maersk Line container ship bound for ports unknown, carrying junk no doubt...isn't it all junk these days?



Then, over The City on my way to the South Bay.



Passing SFO.



Lining up for a Touch and Go at (ORBx's) San Carlos airport, KSQL...the very recognizable Oracle office complex is just ahead of me. Note the 20+ fps frame rates...I am usually around 10 or so in this area. :D 



Missed the Touch, but here is the Go.



Now over KPAO, Palo Alto (A Cielosim product and a very nicely rendered one at that :) ).



Just south of Palo Alto is the KNUQ-Moffet Field dirigible hangars, and one of my favorite playgrounds in which to lose my Pilot's License...



Very Slowly breaking the law, but rapidly having fun.



From Moffet I turn and head up the East Bay as the street lights wink on...reminding me that it is getting very late (actually 11:00PM RW time for me, not dusk).



...encouraging me to put the little unnamed Cessna to bed at Hayward - KHWD. (...I think I'll unofficially name it the C152II Sparrowhawk since Cessna never bothered.)



Parked up for the evening, I'm heading for bed in RL, to a Motel in the sim. ;) 



Cheers, thanks for flying along.


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" Missed the Touch, but here is the Go." :D

As some may say, "less is more". This is a nice way to enjoy a flight.

Really nice screenies and I hope your pilot license is ok!

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Nice shots there. I like the C 152, soloed, in real life in one of them at Jandakot, Western Australia 17 years ago. Have never forgotten the feeling. :)

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Great shots of this lovely scenery and narrative,:thum: it may be slow but it's nice to stop and smell the roses once in awhile.:)

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Thanks for the comments everybody. I knew this birdy deserved a spot in Coff's Hangar, and last night's flight confirmed it. It's a dirt simple rugged but tiny 1 pax plus a carton of cigs hauler, and makes my scenery look Smokin good.

I ofc added a pop up autopilot to it's panel, Ros knows the one WeFly with often. ;) It made a PNG 120 mile cargo haul earlier yesterday much more enjoyable.

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Looks great mate - nice thing about low and slow is you can really practice your VFR skills by using the land. Superb pictures!

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nice one Matt, have this one in XP11 and it is a great one to use...some really nice shots from your journey there.......love the simplicity of something like this every now and again....

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