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Waitng for a carpet fitter yesterday, 10am turned into 2pm, however not to easte an opportunity I got some flights in, below are a few shots I took, shows the different variations we get around the globe with the same scenery settings but using real weather etc...

on route to Christchurch




nice to come through the clouds and be in the correct place...


on route now to Westport, some good guidance in that cloud from ATC....


unloaded, time for a brew...


same day, differnet AC, over the Emerald Isle.....







after leaving KORS, morning shot, around 30nm South of CWZA.....


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Nicely done Wayne,:thum: certainly had some nasty cloud formations to deal with.


Hope the carpet guy finally showed up.:) In a perfect world you could make him wait outside while you finished up your flight.:D

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cheers guys, enjoyed the flights, been really busy of late and was nice to get some time.......

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Some lovely atmospheric shots there Wayne.

How lucky for you that your carpet fitter was tardy!! Sometimes the unexpected gives us the opportunity to stop and take in all the best that is out there (in FS world)


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