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PTA installed

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So I bought PTA, just installed the profile that Matt puts with the download, there is an option for lots of tinkering, I have also set up AS16 and REX a bit more to my liking......there are a few things I still don't like much, not sure how to go about changing them though...

1, illumination of the roads, it may be correct but I don't like the big circles.....

2, buildings are sometimes just to bright at night......

3, night time is still to light......

any suggestions on those 3 would be great....

I have the FPS counter in the corner as this is Carenado default aircraft, but it's easy to get airborne, I then have a consistant AC to test with, if I can get around 50FPS with this then more complicated should give me around 30-40........













all shots using live weather and real time....


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Nice great shots - I tweaked mine by using the descriptions and tooltips in the tool. At least I think I did that because it was a while ago. Have fun! 

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