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Another Amelia Earhart disappearance theory..

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The "dock" photo in the article has been authoritatively debunked - the exact photo was published in a commercial Japanese travel book a couple of years before the Earhart events.  Can't say much about the rest.  "Eye-witness" accounts of things that happened 70+ years ago have to be viewed with some level of suspicion, of course, but they COULD be accurate.  It's not beyond governments (Imperial Japan in the 30's and the US in the 40's) to hide things they'd rather people not know, as alleged in the linked article.  The brutality of Imperial Japan at the time is pretty well documented and they'd have been capable of that kind of thing if they thought it was in their best interests.


Like you, I've always been pretty interested in all that.  I tend to favor the Gardner Island castaway story but there's still no smoking gun.  There's a lot of supporting evidence but all of it is circumstantial at best.  It may be that they just went in the water somewhere, sank and drowned or were killed in the crash and nobody will ever know for sure.  There's a hell of a lot of water out there.



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