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HMS Invincible?

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I have found this on YouTube:



I cant find the down load for this anywhere.  Even a youtube comment made to ask the question of where can the download be found has been left unanswered.


I have found an FS2004 version but not an FSX one that this claims to be. I really want to get this add-on as a very good school friend served on her during the Falklands War.  I would also like to get HMS Hermes as well if I can, again I cant find it.


Does anyone know where I can get this from?

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Thanks Christopher. I guess I wasn't looking in the right place. 


I now have the Invincible, The Illustrious, The Ark Royal (Post war). the new Queen Elizabeth and a bunch of other RN warships and RFA vessels. 


I am also using AICarriers to use them operationally. 


I still have one issue though.  I can place an aircraft anywhere I want on the aircraft carrier using slew. However when i come out of Slew the aircraft suddenly speeds up and leaves the ship behind. This is an obscure one bur has any ever done this sort of thing and solved the issue I have?


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