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RAF Cosford Flight Sim 2017

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I'm the bloke who called out to a very busy Joe, even first thing in the morning "many thanks for the Reviews!". They strongly influence me and, having gone onto buy, Mutley's Reviews turn out to be spot on, of course. So far: A2A Comanche (Jessica), Alabeo Conquest II (Andrew), and Just Flight Arrow III (Joe). As I did lap 2, John Venema, CEO ORBX gave me good news on UK scenery. I had come to Cosford with a mission to up my game and do my hangar of 9 planes due justice; to give them the best. I was looking for a high performance Chillblast type PC that I'd read about in PC Pilot. Living in Birmingham and wanting local accessibility and continuity, I was impressed with the value for money at MidlandComputers (Telford) stall. A couple of weeks on, with these new products up and running, flight simulation is again fantastic. Gold Award to Joe and all associated with Mutley's Hangar. "Many thanks for these Reviews!". You can trust 'em.


Rod, Birmingham

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Welcome to the hanger Rod. Terrific first post, and spot-on about the quality of the reviews here. Nobody on the review crew has skin in the developer's products, the crew just wants to make sure everyone, including the crew, get the best bang for our buck, pound, or pesos... and the best information for our time spent reading reviews. Andrew Godden, our master of reviews, does a terrific job ensuring that all the bases are covered.

Enjoy your stay at the hangar, and post some screenshots of your fleets when you get a chance.


Cheers, Coff.

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Thanks Rod,

I really can't put into words how much those "well done" and "attaboy" messages mean to me and the Mutley Crew.

Behind the scenes we have a fantastic team who are so selfless in making Mutley's a friendly place to be, I just wouldn't know where I would be without them 


Joe :hat:

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Welcome to the forums here Rod and thanks for your kind comments toward our hard working reviewers.:hat: 


The fair and balanced reviews created here, with no developer influence I might add, definitely help us make informed and money saving choices. Between ORBX/FTX scenery, the many advanced payware addon aircraft available and choice of flight sim platforms we flight simmers are a very happy bunch. :D


I can see why you are so happy flight simming lately and am a bit jealous you are sporting a Chillblast PC, it would be hard to find a company that makes that quality custom flight sim computers here in the US that also have the protection they offer. :)


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