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FTX EU Germany South is here! 

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EU Germany South - Germany, reunified!

Germany South continues the journey of FTX Regions into Europe’s heartland. A region that builds on from the success of Germany North. FTX Germany South covers ~76,559 square miles (~198,286 sq km) of densely populated terrain. The area extends from the border of Germany North and extends south to the borders of Switzerland and Austria. You can explore a wide variety of landscapes from the rolling hills, the Mittelgebirge down to the Alps; Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria being the leaders in the automobile and machinery manufacturing industries. The urban and historic metropolises of Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich and many others are realistically portrayed.


Key Features
•    Superb ground textures from local sources
•    Hand-placed landclass covers every sq mile
•    Custom autogen textures and objects
•    FTX Global 3D night lighting effects
•    Accurate roads, rivers, lakes, alley trees
•    More than 116,000 individually placed powerline pylons
•    More than 550 airports have been upgraded or added
•    Custom models of more than 450 POIs of castles, churches, abbeys, dams, bridges, etc.
•    Photoreal “Cityscape lite” for Munich, Ulm, Passau, Lindau, Bamberg, Koblenz, Würzburg
•    Photoreal sceneries of US Bases Ramstein and Grafenwöhr
•    Photoreal Lake Constance details, open pit mines
•    Photoreal alpine areas on southern Bavaria
•    GES mesh is compiled at 20-m grid spacing (LOD11)

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - Purchase Germany South now and if you do not already own Germany North, you can purchase Germany North for 50% off. This offer is available from now until Sunday the 8th of October 2017 at 20:00 UTC. Please note that you will need to finalise your Germany South purchase prior to purchasing Germany North to receive the discount. 



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It looks very good, I have spent many happy holidays in Southern Germany.  I would like to get this and Northern Germany, they would go so well with A2A's Flying Fortress :whis:

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