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onward to LSGG...

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So a rare day off today, early flight from LEBL to LSGG in the IXEG737, I am going to do the same flight in Ifly 737 in P3Dv4 to compare how it is..... anyway hope you likes the ride.....


waiting for loading to complete....



waiting for th GO.....



departing Barca.....



all lined up, floating down, recently got some help from a couple of the guys from over on Xaviation regarding a few things on my landingswith this plane, all seems ok this time...



all seems good here, not sure on the screen what 1CH in yellow means though...



all safely parked, thanks for flying JET2.......


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Hi Wayne, very smooth shots as always, you do make XP11 look so good!

BTW a yellow CH1 means you cannot autoland as the autopilot needs two channels active. (Don't ask me how to correct it though!)



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