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What a wonderful place Xi'an!


I've alway been fascinated by the oriental cultures, so I am grateful for this opportunity to visit the country with almost no charge thanks to GIZA card.

I've seen ancient ruins, well preserved temples, and modern hi-tech buildings as well.


Anyway, now it's time to leave the hotel and reach the largest airport in Northwest China, and the second largest airport in Northern China. It is 41 kilometres northwest of Xi'an city centre, where the hotel is, so the taxi won't be cheap. :whis:

Had a fine chat with Jess, who gave me the baton and some drinks to better enjoy the flight. I'll put everything there:


Waiting for Gennaro, my faithful copilot, I can spot many nice liveries around, but I'm definitely proud of mine. Unique!




We have all kind of comfort here, should we need it!




After a check to the air conditioning system :th_blush: I have some hard time with the PFD. This thing has always bugged me, I just can't stand with meters units when flying an aircraft, even if this is the unit I use everyday. China, Mongolia, Russia and many CIS countries have used flight levels specified in metres for years. Aircraft entering these areas normally make a slight climb or descent to adjust for this, although Russia and some CIS countries started using feet above transition altitude and introduced RVSM at the same time on 17 November 2011.

Luckily, the Mustang PFD can show the altitude in meters too.




Our flight plan will be LOVRA W540 YAV W92 TYN B215 VYK.

So flight plan is filed, everything is fine, baton is safely on board and drinks too. We obtain taxi clearance and try to find our way through this big and busy airport.




Takeoff is smooth, weather too:




Departure gives us vectors to the first fix in our route:



Climbing in smooth air, this aircraft is not so fast but a real looker, isn't it?






Here we are reaching our cruise altitude, Gennaro takes a shot of the PFD while drinking something:




Overall, an uneventful cruise, but we can enjoy stunning visuals all around:







Control gives us vectors and we are cleared to start our descent to the capital airport:






Last vectors before intercepting the localizer while the visibility suddenly drops:






Estabilished on ILS:




At touchdown, I hear the noise of the bottles and the baton hitting each other:




Welcome to Beijing! Now, this has to be one of the longest taxi clearances I've ever heard:







Finally at the gate. Now it's time for some rest and then a visit to this eerie and polluted town.




See you at the lounge. Thanks for watching! :hat:


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A beautiful trip Ros. By the numbers...not counting the number of drinks of course... ;) .

I like the custom livery and custom bar stock :D . Thankfully you had clear smooth weather for the trip so no one had to waste any stock in the other pictured 'accommodations' along the way.

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Nicely done Rosario, great PIREP and custom paint job.:thum: Better not stay their too long or that beautiful paint job will dissolve right off the metal.:D



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Can't help noticing the drinks are within easy reach of the pilot, and the person "emptying" (a seat you would truly never need to leave!)


Great flight. Better head off to Nanjing to wait for Kieran...

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A very entertaining PIREP Ros, this aircraft brings back memories of ATWCIII when this aircraft was my steed, it's great to see in in an up to date livery, we look strangely alike though :D Thanks for going the extra mile with the repaint :thum:


Not wishing to gate crash your party but I just have to share this memory from ATWC III, 7even years ago!



Now, stop dreaming Joe, and get on with it!

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Great PIREP Ros.

Some stunning photos there and a perfect choice of aircraft.:thum:

I'll bet X'ian and Beijing have changed a lot since I was there last in '88 but looking forward to going back to the southern fringes for my leg.


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