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Leg 4: Tallinn (EETN) to Moscow Sheremetyevo (UUEE)

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Somehow I'd managed to end up in a bar in Estonia, wearing one of those Russian fur hats. Ushanka, I think they call it. At least that's what it sounded like. The woman who sold it to me said it made me look handsome. Okay, so I'm gullible. Anyhow the heating in the plane has been dodgy, so you never know, it might keep my ears warm.


Captain Coffee had suggested it might be a way to be recognised across a crowded bar (!). Yeah right. Just "the person in the silly hat that everyone's steering clear of" would have done the trick.  The waitress was getting antsy to be paid for the massive - er, small, boss, honest! - bar tab. So the company card had to do a quick tango before I could make a dash for the airport.




A cursory study of the map had shown that the direct route to Moscow was totally devoid of any navaids. So given the choice of trusting the American opinion of Russian GPS jamming technology or deviating to the south for some VOR-on-VOR action, well let's just say I didn't stay alive this long without deviating a little from the straight and narrow . . .




"Oscar Oscar Seven India Mike requesting clearance."

'Standby." The  clearance system out in Eastern Europe can be a little flaky, so I wasn't too worried. But after ten minutes, the controller still hadn't gotten back to me, so I called him up again.

'Negative clearance. You are required to have valid flight plan."

Huh? I scrabbled through the paperwork and studied the plan I'd filed. My home airfield is Enstone, with the ICAO code EGTN. And Tallinn has the code EETN. I reckon I typed in the wrong thing by muscle memory or something. Anyhow, they should have figured that one out and not kept me waiting on the apron. Anyhow, the plan got re-filed and a new take-off slot was issued. But by now it was getting on for 7pm, and it would soon be dark.




Already the runway was starting to look like Christmas lights.





I think they derived their taxi instructions from looking at the Top Gear track, but eventually I got to the 08 hold and called ready for departure.




before take off checks complete. "Seven India Mike, line up and wait"





"With a right turn out after departure, Seven India Mike cleared for take off."




And we're off!




Who said, about bloody time????




"Seven India Mike, I said turn RIGHT after take off!"




Er, oh *that* right! Ho hum!




"Seven India Mike, climb and maintain five thousand. Tune to departure.'




Hey, weather!




Cleared up to flight level 120 . . .




It's awfully flat in this part of the world!










You looking at me? I said, you looking at me?




We've crossed into Latvia, as should be obvious from the sight of some barely visible random small town! Our turning point is coming up, and then we'll be heading into Russia.




I thought maybe we'd see the Perseids, but that's bloody big for a shooting star!




Hurrah! The lights of Moscow are finally visible (once we're right on top of them!) and we're cleared onto the ILS.




Hey, I've got wing lights! How cool - I never noticed before!




4 mile final. Soon be there . . .




Steady . . .




Steady . . .



Over the threshold . . . and down.




"Exit next left and taxi to the apron."




Somehow I thought there'd be more people here. Or at least someone. Or a car. Or a phone for the taxi even. Heck this isn't even the main terminal. JG, where the heck are you? You were supposed to be meeting the plane.


Oh well, as they say around here, Добро пожаловать в Москву




Da Route:



Now I'm off to find some authentic cuisine . . .




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Nice PIREP '7IM'


Now keep the baton hidden until you are goosed by J G, the Ruskies would love to get their hands on our secret weapon.






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Nice job Tim. Always dicey planning a trip to Russia, let alone while carrying coveted cargo. With any normal luck J.G. will be in a bar waiting for you...with J.G's luck, he will be behind bars waiting for bail...do Not give the card to a Bailbondsman...especially not a Russian one. Enjoy your BYPTR KNHR.

Edited by Captain Coffee
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Irony is, I can't stand Bogey Knig even un the UK!

I've already been asked twice to swap the baton for an election result of my choice . . . .


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1 hour ago, OzWookiee said:

Nice work, love the bird. She's real pretty and comfy looking on the inside.


Had to fly in FSX, cos there's still no v4 update for her. But hopefully by the next round . . .

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Great PIREP Tim, enjoyed it from start to finish.:thum: What does a Whopper cost there, a pair of jeans?:D



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I'm late coming to look at this, but liked it.  Great aircraft.  You made the night shots look really good.



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