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Over the badlands, OYAA-OENG

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dodgy-alan    1,150

Armstrong Whitworth Atalanta of Imperial Airways on her way back to London from India. This stage takes her from Aden in Yemen to Najran in SAudi Arabia. The Yemen peninsular is an inhospitable place with mountainous terrain and harsh conditions, The tribespeople who inhabit the region  are still governed by various warlords and tribal elders. White people are generally not welcome there.  All the more reason for the crew to make sure their engines keep turning.  This is no place for a forced landing. Thankfully she touches town at Najran to refuel just after sunset. the next leg will take her along the Red Sea to Egypt. The Atalanta was a fairly small aircraft but comparatively modern compared to the earlier biplanes. Nevertheless they gave good service on the Middle East and India runs. This model is from the excellent pen of JBK.

Departing Aden


Climbing away from the peninsular. last view of the sea for a while.


the view from the office.


Heading due North


10'000 ft over the badlands. No room for error here.


sun starting to drop


Sunset over the Yemen border, the mountains are largely behind us now. 


Beginning the descent towards Najran


Final approach


On the ramp to top up the tanks and take an overnight break. 


Thank you for flying with Imperial. Cocktails and Supper are available in the terminal building.


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Captain Coffee    1,577

Cute plane, however crossing deserts is about as scenic as a long water crossing...a great challenge, but not a very rewarding sight seeing trip. :)

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brett    1,686

Nice historic flight Alan,:thum: just flying that plane at 10,000' over nothingness alone makes it a challenge. And that doesn't include landing this bird of soapbox derby wheels.:scare:


I must admit I haven't seen those icon buttons on a panel in a long time.:D

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