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Just Flight release C-46 Commando

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mutley    2,980



Just Flight's new C-46 Commando package, developed by Aeroplane Heaven, features this classic cargo/transport workhorse in military, cargo and civilian passenger variants and includes military and civilian cockpit configurations!


First flown in 1940 and introduced into service with the USAF in 1942, the C-46 Commando was a twin-engine transport aircraft used primarily by the military but also by civilian operators, particularly in the cargo role. Flown extensively during World War II, some of the 3,000 C-46s built before production ended in 1945 went on to serve with airlines and cargo operators in the challenging conditions of South America and the Canadian Arctic, as seen on the popular Ice Pilots NWT television show.


This Just Flight C-46 Commando package includes military, cargo and civilian passenger variants of the aircraft as well as military and civilian cockpit configurations.


Modelled using real-world plans, the aircraft feature multiple animations and highly detailed engines. The faithfully recreated virtual cockpit features 3D instrumentation, wear and tear, and realistic systems functionality.

19 military and civilian liveries (including the famous Buffalo Airways), realistic flight dynamics and an authentic R2800 twin-row radial sound set complete this extensive package.



  • Accurately modelled C-46 Commando, built using real-world aircraft plans and from official notes and publications
  • Three variants included:
     - Military – four-blade Curtiss electric propellers
     - Cargo – three-blade Hamilton Standard propellers
     - Civilian Passenger – three-blade Hamilton Standard propellers
  • All hatches and doors animated
  • Highly detailed and accurate engines with unique start-stutter effects and volumetric props
  • Beautifully rendered airframe detail with accurate strengthening strakes, pitot tubes, aerials and more
  • Choice of military (wartime) or civilian pilot models
  • Authentic gear operation includes modelled tread-blocks on the tires
  • HD textures are used to produce the highest possible texture clarity, including bump and specular mapping for a truly 3D feel



  • Choice of cockpits:
     - Military – authentic WWII layout
     - Civilian – modern gauges with a layout based on Buffalo Airways aircraft
  • Highly detailed with uniquely rendered metal effects and specular shine on many components
  • Cockpit textures feature realistic wear and tear, with dynamic specular effects on surfaces
  • Instruments constructed fully in 3D with smooth animations
  • Realistic systems functionality including engine start and fuel tank selection

More here: https://www.justflight.com/product/c46-commando


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wain    563

very nice, but I have instructed myself not to buy anymore AC for a while, just got a 737 for P3D so I must stick to that for a while, looking forward to the rest of you posting opics though.....

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UKJim    388

I would like this one but I've got enough to keep me busy for now. It does look fantastic though and it's definitely an air hauler must.

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brett    1,686

I would absolutely like to fly the Hump in this aircraft.:D Looks very well done.

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