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Leg 3: Landvetter (ESGG) to Tallinn (EETN)

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I was going to do this in my TBM850, but they said I couldn't afford it.  And that it wasn't mine.  And that I'd have to pay for that coffee.  As if I wasn't going to pay...


So, I had to come up here in my '182.  Nice, huh?


Where's the baton?  I'll take it from here Capn Soggy.  Err, Coffee.  O.K. gotta go.


Hey, if a guy in a green hat comes around looking for me, tell him I was headed to Paris.  Yeah, it's a game we're playing.  Ha ha.  He'll get a kick out of it.

What?  Oh, no.  It's nothing.  Bye now.



So, there I was climbing into the '182 with my flight bag and an empty stomach.  The race to get here took a lot out of me and I was cold to the bone.


The plan was to cut across Norway and Sweden to the coast and head north for a shorter water crossing.  Upon reaching Finland, I'd turn south to cross the Gulf.  Upon reaching the land of Estonia, I'd head east to Tallinn.


Say.  That reminds me of a song.





with your mountains so lofty

and your treetops so tall


Hmm... Maybe it's not quite like that.



This was the plan.

Landvetter (ESGG) to Tallinn (EETN)


               Fuel 60% (adjust depending on weather)


ESGG -> VSN VOR (115.25)


FROM VSN, FOLLOW 040* RAD, 24 NM TO Norrkoping (ESSP)


Turn hdg 086, for 18nm (speed/time)


Turn 048* heading up the coast


Pick up 075* outbound rad from VOR TRS (114.3) to 25 nm


Pick up 193* inbound rad for VOR NTL (116.3) 48 nm


Turn 050* oubound rad NTL to Mariehamn (EFMA) 41 nm

               - LAND AND REFUEL to 60% (weather dependent)


Turn 066* outbound from EFMA for 55 nm (speed/time)


Turn 100*, pick up RVS VOR (115.5) outbound radial 141* to EFHN ~47 nm

turn 122* out of EFHN for 43 nm, to reach the coast of Estonia

Pick up 260* inbound rad to TLL VOR (112.2) to Tallinn ~19 nm





Now.  Being serious.  I have razor nostromo that I have programmed to take screen shots.  I pressed the trigger many times and thought I was getting some great shots.

But, the profile had been changed and I was pressing an un-programmed button.  For some reason, I also used the actual keyboard and managed to get a few shots.

I'm seriously disappointed and I'm sorry I don't have more to show you, but I'm not doing that flight again.


Here are the few shots that I managed to capture:


Getting Fuel at EFMA:



Flying south over Finland



Having navigated this far, I took one last look at Finland:




And then looking ahead at Estonia:




The weather Across Scandinavia was pretty bad and I had a moment of disorientation.  Being summer, I've been out racing my KTM 300XC and have not been doing much flying.  Well, none really.  So, I was a little rusty and it took me a while to get my instrument scan dialed in again.  For a while I was in a pretty steep dive and had to pull out fairly hard to avoid the ground.

The weather cleared as I left Finland behind and the remainder of the flight was nice and relaxing.  Really, disapointed that my camera was broken, but happy to be alive.



Here is the actual flight path:



You can see at about 145 miles into the trip is where I almost flew into the ground during IMC flight.




Tim, the Baton is in your good hands.  And the beer is in mine.  Uh, is that guy in the green hat coming this way.  I have to go.




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I like it.  Not sure who the guy in the green hat is but if I see him I'll tell him you're in Central America, flying bananas to market - or something.


That's a long haul in a straight-leg, piston single.  I heartily applaud the plan to minimize over-water time in one of those.



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As a matter of fact some guy in a green hat was around asking after you Mike. Being in the dark ofc days ago in advance of your posting...and this being the ATWC...I suspected a dodgy field agent might be Putin targets on our pilots and told him..."I have no idea, never saw him, have you checked the taxi stand?"


I also applaud your pluck for taking that little thing for a Big Northern Water crossing. Mine was also a Single, but it was designed for water crossings ;)

Sorry bout the external camera mishap, it would have been fun to see picks of your dive mishap.  :)


Edited by Captain Coffee

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Well done Mike and welcome to the challenge, a great PIREP for a rookie ATWC'er :thum:


Beware of men in green hats, :secret: they could be after the Giza card, or more importantly the baton. ^_^ 

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nice one, great rep, shame about your picture mishap but the ones you posted look good, for play to you attempting that in that chice of AC and ggod on you for the route......

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Nicely done despite the image mishap, thanks for the PIREP.:thum:


That dive must have been a white knuckle moment for sure, glad the baton you made it safely.:D 

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Hey Goblin, I completely understand a malfunctioning camera as I had the same "issue" when I flew my leg the first time and ended up with NO pics so at least you managed to get some :D


Nice work on the PIREP too.

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Nice one Mike and welcome to ATWC!

So frustrating when you realise you've missed some great shots, but there are plenty of legs left and you'll get in the groove in no time 

Yep, watch out for men in green hats.. after last year I'm wary of any suspect headgear.. particularly pink fluffy antennae! :secret:

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