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Captain Coffee

Nomad-250 Continued: 2 Legs

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Captain Coffee    1,577

Skipping a leg from Lincoln, NE to Racine, Ill. which was a simple adhoc passenger trip without issues or much in the way of scenery, just your basic farmland... albeit much better rendered than my last flight over this area during my recreation of Howard Hughes' Transcontinental Flight...see that in Video here: (   https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=LLZUmjmpEIY    ). An ORBx update of the entire US land class last year gave this otherwise repetitive area a much needed facelift and variety of textures.


Leaving KRAC, Batten Airport, Racine, Wi a few miles south of Milwaukee with 3 passengers on board bound for KTIP, Rantoul Natl. Aviation Center, the former Chanute AFB, and my Instrument Systems Electronic Technical school Alma Mater while in the USAF:



At the request of the pax, we are taking a short detour north to circle KMKE- Gen. Mitchell Intl...they have a home they rent down in Cudahy nearby that is in line with one of the runways and wanted a peek into the backyard. /shrug


We are IFR as the sun is dipping and the light is dimming and will be arriving in full darkness, not so apparent from this angle...


But from this angle...


Dodging a few clouds despite IFR.


We arrived safely at KTIP and I will continue from there once I find a paying job out, or nearby.



After a break of several days, I get wind of a cargo bound for Toledo Ohio...just under 200 miles and some fast cash getting me further towards the NYC area.

As I am on the phone negotiating the details for this relatively light but well paying load, I am tipped off about a couple of folks looking for a ride that way, and they seem willing to pay ALOT, I managed to negotiate tickets of 1200.00 each seat after feigning reluctance due to the cargo on board...heh, but man were they in a hurry to get to Ohio, they kept pushing my ticket price slider up till my irises turned green(er)...bonus!


Leaving the Chanute Hangars behind with a few boxes of  Blue-Ray disks in the front seat and baggage area, and two pax in the back seat, looking forward to a nearly $5,000 dollar windfall in Toledo.


(You can see how nice and randomized the new "Midwest Farmland" has become here...no sign of repeating patterns...at least from 5200 ft. Love it.


Approaching Ft. Worth, Nebraska.


Punching through warm clouds in IFR, no fear of icing in 60F clouds, but the weather said there may be cloud coverage over Toledo so I uncharacteristically stayed IFR the whole way.


On Descent into KDUH, Toledo Suburban, Lambertville OH. (Love that code btw...hahaha)


Toledo ATC vectored me in on the VFR-9 approach to circle and land on 27...on down wind.


About to touch down and cash in.


Thanks for flying along.

Capt. Coff.



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brett    1,686

The mid-US looks a hundred percent better for shot taking and for flying a five grand payday,:thum: well done and thanks for the views.:)

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