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Alabeo Cessna 310R II

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Just published is Andrew Godden's review of Alabeo's Cessna 310R.

Alabeo have an ever increasing stable of GA aircraft, does this one meet Andrew's very high standards? Read on...

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Nice work Andrew. Looks like an overpriced Winner. I agree bout Carenado's and Alabeo's prices creeping up being unwelcome...for their systems complexity which doesn't compare to similar priced and better systems quality A2A work.

Comparing A2A and Carenado/Alabeo might be comparing Apples and Oranges? Nevertheless, when we shop for FS produce we do indeed consider Price/Quality regardless of flavor.

I have the MilViz version of this model, a very nice rendition...although this newer Alabeo looks a bit slicker textures wise... I will stick with the MilViz unless a Huge Alabeo Sale crops up that includes this bird that also coincides with a phat wallet :D .

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