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More VRam?

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Hi everyone

So I was flying the 737NGX from UK2000's EGNM to Schiphol by FlyTampa, finally ORBX's global and vector scenery installed. I have a GTX 980 graphics card. Descending into EHAM, FSX:SE crashed and I got the dreaded "FSX ran out of virtual memory" message. Is it time for me to upgrade my graphics card? I sort of think I shouldn't really be having problems, I have 4GB of VRam, and I don't run FSX on full settings. What do I do?


Thanks everyone.

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Hi Luke. 


I'm afraid you've hit the dreaded OOM and it has nothing to do with the amount of VRAM you have. 


the memory the error refers to is called virtual memory. When windows runs an app, It allocates virtual memory. This isn't RAM or VRAM, so you the size of your gpu or system memory won't help. The amount of virtual memory needed depends on the application, but all 32-but apps like FSX can only access a maximum of 4gb of virtual memory (3gb if your using a 32-bit version of Windows). FSX has an issue with virtual memory, it doesn't really empty it out that well. So over the course of a flight, this fills, until it's to full and wham, no more flight. 


Everything that loads up in the h sim uses the virtual memory. The higher quality the add on, the worse it gets. The flight your trying is a perfect storm of Virtual memory fillers. There are things you can do to help reduce the load though.


1. Make sure your texture size is set to 1024. 2048 or 4096 textures will fill the Virtual memory lopike nothing you've seen. 

2. Adjust your autogen settings down a notch. For FSX I don't go above dense for my autogen. Set you're water to low x 2 which offers good results. Also check you AI levels if your running any. Lower them down. 

3. Use the settings to adjust the uk2000 scenery. Turn off things like the cars in the car park.

4. Turn off a few things in Vectors. Orbx Vectors is a known high VAS or virtual mem user. Turn off features that you won't notice, like tunnels and things. 

5. Turn down the scenery at EHAM with the Fly tampa control panel. No matter where you fly from, EHAM is going to be a very hard airport to fly into or out of. Turn down what you can and hope for the best. 

6. Turn off scenery your not using. Go to your scenery library and uncheck scenery your not going to see. As you're flying from Leeds, the London area isn't that important, so having Heathrow setup ready to go won't help. Likewise with say Newcastle. Only do this for your payware scenery though. 


Keep fiddling until you find the right mix. With the arrival of 64-bit sims, VAS errors will be gone for now. But that's another story. 


Best wishes,

Jess B

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