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The red barron

Arrival into Hurghada

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Hi Guys,

Hope all is well with all,  I've a few shots here of EZY28VU approaching Hurghada Egypt, after almost five hours of flying from Gatwick.



Coming down with Hurghada coming into view, we'll go straight over the top of the airport



Turning final for the RNAV approach for runway 34L







Parked on stand after 5hrs 4mins of flying; but no rest for the wicked.  It's time to turn the aircraft round and head straight back to Gatwick



"Thrust set"





Thanks for viewing

TRB :)

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mutley    3,036

It must be relentless :(


Nice post Ed...

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brett    1,733

Ten+ hours of flying, respect.:bowdown:  Great shots Ed, :thum: enjoy the return trip.

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Thanks for the comments guys.


You're quite right Joe it can be relentless on days like this; gone are the days of glory and glamour in the industry.  Airlines are primarily driven by accountants these days and if the plane isn't flying it's not earning its keep.  I and others that I've flown with can see long haul airlines in a few years stopping the overnight of crews all together and they'll fly the return crew out as passengers on the outbound sector and the crews will swap over on the turn around.  Even the likes of Emirates don't overnight beyond 36hours, most carriers limit it to around 24hours.  There's no way I would fly long haul as crew; I'm quite happy with the double edge sword of days like this as it means I'm home every night and can keep my body in the same time zone.

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