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I didn't get my usual email invite to MEBAR this year:(.....I can only hope that this isn't a reflection on my poor as *#*%% performance last year.  So is this old grumpy #%*%%^*+ welcome this year or......must I fly off in simmers shame:pilotic:



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Hi Steve,


You were on my mailing list I can assure you. Maybe my invitation email got spammed. I know who your email provider is as it's the same as my personal email provider. Sometimes, when you log into your email online you can see items caught there?


Anyhow, get your trusty C172 dusted off and oiled up, or, if you are feeling brave, perhaps a C182? :D Fly the test flight, and get your registration in, you still have plenty of time to get on the roster.


All the best.. Joe  :hat:

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