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A few thoughts:

If you install into the \Program Files (x86)\ folder, you might need to activate "Run as Administrator", since Windows can be a bit protective at times. Do not install into \Program Files\ (without the x86) since that's reserved for 64-bit programs only.


Map tiles are cached (separately for each provider) for each zoom level, and Plan-G will get tiles from the cache if it can before going online. The cache is good for a little under 3 months. If you don't see any kind of map (as opposed to getting error messages), try changing  zoom levels or sliding around the map area with the mouse. That'll force a redraw. It stuff keeps not getting drawn, it might be worth checking that your graphics drivers are up to date.


With menus and dropdowns not appearing, check that the Plan-G is NOT overlying an FSX window. FSX will interfere with the function of any menu or popup on programs (all programs, not just Plan-G) that intersect with its display.


I do try to check my forum most days, but occasionally I do miss something. The best thing then is to holler. (I blame the 26 hour work days!)

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You have taken several years off my appearance. Neighbours are asking 'Who is that young fellow."

 Again and again....Thanks, Joe.

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