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CYYJ ILS 27 fix

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I'm in the process of converting (some of) my vlying, Brian's term, to P3D. This process is reminiscent of setting up FSX over the years to suit my brand of simming. One of the things I do is spend a lot of time in the IFR environment. I choose to vly using real-world wx in most cases. This means that I'm using electronic approach methods on a pretty regular basis.


Now, my home base in most things I do (including AH and AH2) is CYYJ - about 15 miles from my house. CYYJ has suffered under FSX from a programming glitch that dates back to the final days of FSX development. The devs got the RWY 27 ILS offset a few hundred feet to the right of the runway. No probs in a light aircraft, just crank it over to the left and plant it. However, it's a major upset if you're not aware of it in the big iron. You break out at minimums and the runway is well over to your left - choice #1 is TOGA and your alternate, choice #2 is TOGA and your alternate, choice #3 is TOGA and a side-step that isn't published.


So there's cyyj_ils_fix.zip. It works in both FSX and P3D v3. If you vly into CYYJ, go get it from the AVSIM Library and extract it to somewhere convenient. I just copied and loaded the CYYJ_ILS_fix.BGL file to [drive]:\[your P3D location]\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\Scenery\Global\scenery. As soon as you run P3D it will find the file and load it. That's it - you never have to do it again. But keep the zip file in case you ever need to reload FSX or P3D.


Helps to keep the shiny side 'up'.

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