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RC Simulations Announce VoxATC 7 Public Beta

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VoxATC 7, 
I am very pleased to announce that you can download the beta of this amazing voice recognition based synthetic Radio Telephony package for free and trial it for 60 days. Surely this is long enough to evaluate ! Ask for clearances, get assigned real world departures and loads more, Vox even controls the other traffic. Get it now from www.voxatc.com

Works with all versions of FSX and now Prepar3D version 3


Source - From Bob Sidwick via Facebook.

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Yay... must try it as I really like the version I have...


But I think you might need to edit the link @mutley...  it's currently not working as expected as it point to www.voxatc.xn--com-0da



Ehrm.. or I could always correct it myself.. so disregard the above, the URL is now pointing to the right place. 

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I really like voxatc, with updated airspace it really does operate just like real life for me, the only downside is that the UK enhancement pack isnt comparible with v7 yet I'm told, so it will be updated and released separately.


installed the beta into P3Dv3.4 and it does seem to work straight out of the box so far :)

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