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MegaSceneryEarth announce Prepar3D V3 compatibility

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Lockheed Martin Prepar3D & FSX:Steam Edition Support

For our customers who use Prepar3D and FSX:Steam Edition instead of or alongside Microsoft Flight Simulator X, we're pleased to inform you that MegaSceneryEarth is fully compatible with Prepar3D V1.XX, V2.XX, and V3.XX releases and FSX:Steam Edition.

Prepar3D is basically the same simulator engine as FSX and FSX: Steam Edition is the identical engine as FSX and as result MegaSceneryEarth is fully supported.

If the installation for your scenery does not have options for FSX, P3D V1, P3D V2 and P3D V3 you will need to run one of these updaters after you have already installed into FSX if you want to install into P3D V1, V2 or V3.

All 4X scenery purchased after 10 January 2016 have complete P3D V1, V2, V3, FSX & FSX:Steam Edition installers.

The compatibility in each title will show which simulators it will install into. If you want to install into P3D and it is not mentioned in the product information page, then use on of these updaters below after you have already installed onto your hard drive.

It is a big task to update all previous versions. We are in the process of doing so and it should be completed by 31 March 2016.

If you have MegaSceneryEarth scenery that you have already purchased and installed into FSX then you will simply need to download and run the respective updaters which will let you enable your current FSX installation into Prepar3D V1, V2 or V3 or FSX:Steam Edition without adding any more scenery files to your hard drive. All it does it add each particular scenery area you have installed into your Prepar3D or FSX:SE scenery library. So you will only ever have one set of BGL scenery files and the scenery.cfg of each simulator has the directory pointers that know where to load the scenery from.


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Thanks for the HU Yo.

I don't have any Megascenery products but this could possibly be pertinent across the board at some point.

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