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RealAir Spitfire

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I just finished uploading a series of paints for the RealAir Spitfire, you may have seen some of them in other threads.

Schreiner target tug:

MK805 of the Italian Air Force, currently in the museum in Vigna di Valle:

'Eleonor', the aircraft of Major Jared, CO of the 309th FS/ 31st FG

MK151 WR-F of 40 squadron, SAAF, based in Italy, december 1944.


MK210 as flown by Lt.Col Gustav Lundquist of the USAAF, Test Section, Boscombe Down. He made an emergency landing on Greenland while returning to the UK from the US. The Spitfire had been testing long range tanks at Wright Field. While waiting for spare parts, a mechanic, sgt Petta asked if he could paint nose art on the aircraft. When Col Lundquist returned, this was the result. On return to Boscombe Down, the noseart was removed and hung above the bar in the officers'mess.

MJ586 LO-D of 602 squadron, flown by the French ace Pierre Clostermann (19 confirmed victories) during July 1944.

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Love those two new ones. Assume the first is another target/tug...love the bright colors, and the desert camo looks very sharp on the second...love the panther under the canopy.

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Spitfire Mk XI PA944, which belly-landed on September 12, 1944. Mount Farm, Oxfordshire, UK. Pilot was Lt. John S. Blyth of the 14th Squadron 7th Photo Group. More on this incident can be seen in this excellent movie:







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Great tribute paint, :thum: I remember that story "Every pilot should fly a Spitfire at least once", :D I couldn't image flying over there during the war with no guns. :hat:

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Yes, it is still a fantastic model. I did do one Italian already, would you like more?


Meanwhile, I visited Australia:













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E' bellissimo!  :thum:

What's the story behind this one?



Spitfire Mk IX of 92a Squadriglia, 5 Stormo,  Italian Air Force, 1949, based in Orio al Serio, Bergamo is all I know.

I found a nice profile of this aircraft that I used as a base for this paint, but no photos..


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