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15 hours ago, Tristarcaptain said:

So was I...LOL!  I think that's the only film of The Dambusters at the moment.  Goodness knows when the promised remake will happen!!


I wish that Aeroplane Heaven had a Dambusters plane with their forthcoming release......I guess that we can't have everything!! :stars:

Why remake it? the original film is an all time classic! Leave it well alone. I'd rather they made a film about 617 Sqns ops with the Tallboy  and Grand Slam bombs against the U-boat pens and Tirpitz etc. 617 did a lot more than just the dams raid.

Looking at the model it looks good so far, Though I think the engine fire was caused by the pilot running off the runway during take off and getting some FoD in the the air intake! :P;)


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