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Vancouver to Portland

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So I decided to switch from Europe over to North America and so I selected a DC-10-30 in Classic Eastern livery to take on a short hop from Vancouver (CYVR) to Portland (KPDX) with my FTX PNW scenery although you don't see much at 21,000ft, our cruising altitude for this short hop. This being an F-Lite offering it does not have the HD textures that my MD-80 does and whil eI may ne spoiled those, I still enjoy flying this one as it is a bit simpler but still lots of great features. One thing that I notice about this plane after spending so much time in the MD-80 lately, is how much easier it is to get this rolling than it is the MD-80.  Even though this weighs over 500,000 LBS fully loaded and the MD-80 is only about 150,000 lbs at MTO, it must be that I have three engines putting out 51,000 lbs of thrust each whereas as the MD-80's engines each put out about 22,000lbs.

Anyway, here we are at Vancouver



The FMC showing our takeoff V numbers and retraction speeds



Airborne with our gear retracting as the FO has confirmed a positive rate.



Climbing out and leaving Vancouver behind us.



I just love the classic Eastern livery with that shiny bare metal look.



That may be Mt. St. Helens, not certain



FMC landing specs



At the gate in Portland with the jetway hooked up to this big beauty!



Baggage dudes doing their job as the passengers stream off of the plane and rush to the baggage claim area.




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The FedEx MD-11's fly in and out of Ft. Lauderdale also but only in the dead of night and they close the viewing areas at dusk so I never get to see them other parked at the ramp.

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I'm liking that livery as well, a great aircraft with a classic look. :thum: Thanks for the ride along. :)


You would have passed Mt. Rainer along the way too but that looks like Mt. Saint Helen with it's blown out side. 

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