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Airport Diagram Download Size - A Question for Users


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  1. 1. Would Airport Diagram Country Bundle downloads > 10 MB be a problem for you?

    • I prefer multiple download files of < 10 MB each.
    • I prefer all the airports for a single country (or state or province) in one download regardless of size.
    • I don't download the Country Bundle Airport Diagram files.

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If you're a user of my airport diagrams from the MH File Library, I have a question for you. In the Country Bundles, I limit each download file to about 10 MB, roughly 40 airport diagrams. For many countries, states (US and Australia) and provinces (Canada), this means more than one download file, e.g the UK currently has UK Airports 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05.

I propose to simplify the structure and my task for upkeep but the download files will get quite large.

I'd like to hear from you if this creates a problem. Don't dally - I'll be making the decision pretty quickly.


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Hi John.


I tend to drip feed my diagrams from your emails.  It is a convenient way to keep up to date and has the added advantage that individual files can have specific instructions within the email.


Having said that, I have had the occasion to re-build my entire stock of files. For doing this, or any new build or complete rebuild, having as fewer files to download as possible would be good. I guess the suitability this preference depends on the method of procurement, but on the whole I would rather wait while my PC downloads the lot in one go than mess about with several files.


I hope this helps



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JG, I keep all Johns airport plates a a USB stick. I update it as and when the emails come in and I have it at hand whenever I need a chart and it's safe from having to format and hard drive.

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