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Adding Jet2 to UT2

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Hiya folks, 

I have UT2 installed to FSX:SE. The only problem I have with it is that airlines such as Jet2/Ryanair/Easyjet/Thomas Cook/Thomson (I.E all the regional UK operators) only exist in schedule format. To put it another way they only appear as default planes.


How do I correct this to get it to show the correct livery? Should I buy the 2013 Fall schedule pack?


Thank you.

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Ryanair, and a few other airlines, disappear completely in the updates. Even the schedules are gone due to the fact that the developers couldn't get access to the data in a easy way.

I think there is a way to change what model/livery a specific airline is connected to in UT2, but I haven't tried that myself so I'm not 100% sure on it. But if you can I assume your best bet is to find a repaints for the airlines you feel are missing for the default 737, or a specific AI model with appropriate liveries, and link those with the respective airlines in UT2.

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