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Ocala Traffic - Live on the Web

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I found a couple of interesting things this morning...

Ocala is now included on the Live ATC site... You get three frequencies simultaneously and can listen in real-time to Jax Center for the Ocala area (118.6), Ocala UNICOM (123.0) and X35/X60 UNICOM (122.8). You'll have to drag the scroll bar about 2/3 of the way down a very long page to get in the ball park.


There is also a great site (linked from the one above) with a tabular display of recent arrivals and departures at KOCF. Below that are expected arrivals and departures at KOCF, I guess from flight plans that are in the system. I saw a Piaggio in the scheduled arrivals on this page. After a few minutes I heard him approaching Ocala and being vectored for the approach on the other site. It was very cool.


EDIT: I'm hearing a lot of traffic on the first link that I'm not seeing in the tables on the second one. It appears that only IFR operations are included in the second link, but still, pretty interesting stuff.

Note that if you mouse over the registration number it shows the owner and if you mouse over the AC type code it shows an expanded version of the AC type.

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Nice find John,

I have been listening to ATC since I logged in.

I also like the KOCF information scrolling across the top of the banner.

Thanks for the notice,


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