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Wheelstand Pro confusion

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I have been looking at Wheelstand Pro products and am now a little confused as to which is the correct one for me.

There seem to be two basic products, the v2 and the v2 Delux. There seems to be little infotmation as to the difference between them. Over and above that, there are a number of offerings ranging from £74 to about £115.

Of all these products there isn't one that claims to do what I want, to support a Saitek yoke and a Saitek joystick. These should be interchangeable.

Am I correct in thinking that the price difference is purely for the device fitting plates aside of the price difference between standard and deluxe models?

Any help in clarifying which product is best for me would be a great help.

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Hi JG,
You are correct, the only difference is the top plate, the one I reviewed and you saw at Cosford was drilled to suit the Saitek yoke and is the Wheel Stand Pro for Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System and G27 wheel - Deluxe V2 @ £117.
The plate for the X-55 is on the other version. The developer Kamil would, I am sure, quote you a price just for an additional X-55 plate, drop him a message via their contact page at http://wheelstandpro.com/contact and mention the Hangar  ;)




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