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rex 4 now available, now downloading

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I was very unhappy about a few issues Joe, mostly with fss and their total inability to answer emails whilst they were the first to read critical emails and jump on your back , happily subsequent to my posting the guys at rex have redeemed themselves somewhat, however, more importantly as opus, hifi and uncle tom cobbly will now rely on what texture is installed in fsx we only have 2 choices, stock fsx or rex and rex is a whole lot better than the stock fsx so you have to go with the flow baby,

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just had my first couple of flights with it.

The clouds are certainly better ,fog as well, ah hell the whole thing shows that they havent been sitting on their thumbs over the last little while.

I am still trying to figure out the new style interface , it appears that you don't have the 6 pre-made themes as before only 1 that you change to your likes then save it, however I may be wrong and i just havent found them yet.

currently you still have to use the old rex  weather engine but that will be replaced in time with weather direct


certainly a worthwhile purchase even the cloud server of fss worked properly for the first time in 3 years ,!!


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