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FSX Power Project 4.2

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Some good news Ray.  It took a while, weeks actually, but I took a short flight today from EGNJ Humberside to EGNV Durham Tees Valley and guess what?  Steam was coming out of the chimneys!


I haven't changed anything so what I don't understand is why the effects took so long to have an effect!


P3D is a continual mystery to me.


All the best.



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That's good news!


It should be noted that not all cooling towers have steam, for example the two just east of Hull which you probably flew over on your short flight has only had steam emanating from one of them for many years. Also, the tall chimney close to the River Hull has never had visible smoke for at least 15-years (either not in use or very effective scrubbers).


Fsxpp does not usually put steam/smoke effects in place if they are not visible in Google Earth.





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