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Leg 7 - Lanzarote (GCRR) to Funchal (LPMA)

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After getting the call from Brian there was no going back. 


He had graciously organized my plane for the leg and my flight down to Lanzarote, but now I would once again be drawn in to the mayhem that is the ATWC. But who was I to deny a grandfather some time with his grand kids.


After boarding a Norwegian flight from Stockholm to Lanzarote I had a few hours of sleep and arrived in a much warmer part of the world. I found Kasper in the bar, said hello and informed him that I did not care for the Carlsberg served, picked up the Baton and headed out. Surprisingly I also met Andrew on the way out. We said a quick hello, I got a warning about a very special Red on Gran Canaria and I then headed for a bed while Andrew continued to the bar. We were going to meet up on Madeira a few days later though, since Andrew is carrying the baton on to the Azores. The last thing I heard from the bar was Andrew telling Kasper ".. and when I opened that Red up I saw this..." and then the door snapped shut.


My friend from down under looked a bit sad though... I suspect he was really disappointed that he didn't get a chance to tell Brian to "Buck up" in person for once...


Early next morning, just after sunrise I arrived back at the airport to find the plane Brian had set me up with.. A Twin Otter, what a nice surprise.. It's a long way from home though...



and Sharon is waiting for me in the co-pilot seat too... this is going to be a great leg....



Hello Captain, Sharon said sweetly as I sat down besides her... I have our flight plan ready for you...



and here's the map....



and finally the current weather for Lanzarote



Thank you, was all I could think of saying.. but then the destination of the flight plan caught my eye..


Why are we heading to Gran Canaria, I asked suspiciously. I thought the next stop was Madeira!


Well, Sharon said. In order to pay the rental fee for the plane we will be flying a group of tourists back to Gran Canaria.. Apparently they had a sightseeing flight in some Russian Tin Can yesterday and prefers something faster to get back.


 With that out of the way, and the passengers boarded it was time to start work on the long set of checklists for the Twin Otter.



10-15 minutes later we had been pushed back and was ready to taxi towards runway 03



But I still had a few points left on the checklists, testing the Anti-Ice, Auto Feather system etc. But since these tests are done stationary I had to find somewhere to get out of the way since I was on the main taxiway and other planes where starting to honk at me to get out of the way... Without thinking I took the first right turn I saw, and soon realized I had ended up in the military section... might not be the best turn I've made in my career. But after some frantic explaining to the armed guards we managed to resolve the situation and where allowed to proceed. 



Lined up and waiting for take-off clearence



Climbing out north about to turn East to follow our assigned SID.



A very dashing Vueling A320 heading for the Spanish mainland



With about 30 minutes left to Gran Canaria Sharon handed me the weather forecast for our destination.. Looks do-able don't you think, she asked with a smirk on her face....



Following the published approach for runway 03L at Gran Canaria



Looks like I ended up more or less in the right place.



And a centerline landing too... I'm almost impressed with myself   ;)



The only available parking space was among the big boys.. Not sure how they are going to connect that jetway though...



And the flight log of this first part.



Sharon insisted we had to see the caves of Cenebio de Valerón  before we headed on, so we decided to leave our Twin Otter for the day and do some sightseeing.


Bright and early the next morning (even earlier than the morning before) there was a knock at my door as Sharon came to make sure I was up...


She also handed me my briefs, ehm briefing documents for todays flight to Madeira


Both the flight plan...



..and the weather. I skipped the map though, she informed me, it's just water most of the way anyway.



Still dark out as we start our taxi towards runway 03L



Some construction work going on around the airport too.. better try to not hit that digger...



and we have take-off again....



But then, disaster struck. About halfway between Gran Canaria and Tenerife, just as we were about to reach our cruise altitude, both myself and Sharon almost jumped out of our seat as the engine fire alarm went off(!), and sure enough it looks like I might have pushed that poor piece of machinery just at tad to hard



I quickly inform ATC of what's going on in a calm and collected manner (yeah right more like this :yikes: ) and are instructed to continue on towards Tenerife for a straight in approach to runway 30 at Los Rodeos (GCXO).


As we descend through 10.000 feet Tenerife starts to show between the clouds.



Almost safely back on firm ground again.



Managed to get the plane down in one piece, and get her out of the way onto a piece of grass before this old lady gave up on me..



So, what to do now.. stuck with more than 200 nm to go...


With sunken heads and gloomy minds me and Sharon started our slow walk of shame back towards the terminal buildings...


But then I spotted a possible solution. Over in the GA-section stood a Quest Kodiak with a "For Sale"-sign slapped on the window.


Since Joe have trusted me with my personal copy of the Mutley's Hangar company credit card i purchased the plane without a second thought.. If Joe asks I'll just claim Sharon got hold of it and went shopping for shoes   ;)


Besides, the show must go on and so fourth..



The Kodiak being a plane I am very familiar with we had it up and running in no time, and decided to just keep on following the flight plan we had already filed... ATC had no issues and cleared us to taxi...



But then began our ATC-troubles for the day.... 


"Quest Kodiak 911, Line up and wait" the chap in the Tower said... Really I thought.. oh well he must know something I don't about that Airbus coming in to land so I'd better do as he says...



Cleared for take-off Quest Kodiak 911, came almost straight away, and then just as my wheels left the ground I heard him say "Spanair 1535, Go Around"...


Not good was my initial thoughts, and then the reptile parts of the brain took over and initiated a steep climb while turning hard right. Somehow, we managed to miss each other.. that time.



But as I turned towards my first waypoint I almost had to change underwear for the second time this morning, as the same Airbus zipped passed my windscreen from left to right, so close I could read the headlines on the newspapers being read by the passengers...



Almost feels good to head out over the ocean for a while, Sharon said as Tenerife was left behind. Let's hope it's calmer out there....



and it actually was.. here we are passing a small remote Island just south of the GURKA intersection (incidentally GURKA is the swedish word for cucumber)



And here we are turning at the last waypoint, BIMBO, Sharon didn't even smile at my feeble attempts at a joke on the name.



Finally, Madeira pops into view through the mist, and the approach controller tells me runway 23 is in use... 



My approach took us out north of the island before turning in towards the FUN VOR.



Easy does it, we're almost there now....



And finally, after a frantic day, the Baton is safe on Madeira. Can I get some sleep now????



Andrew, Sharon is waiting for you in the bar with the Baton. She asked me to tell you that you should keep off the local reds and stick to the ones you already know   ;)

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Another great PIREP with the characteristic high quality story line and drama you are renowned for.  That Sharon and her comments though, she is such a saucy bint.




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I'm glad you didn't break the Kodiak too! I will be able to sell it to help pay for a new engine for the Twotter!  :winka:

A very exciting PIREP Micke, edge of the seat stuff for me watching the credit card bill explode.


Not too much of that Madiera wine, it's one of Sharon's favourites!


Cheers.. Joe  :hat:

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A very adventurous trip there Mikael, good job land was nearby after that engine problem or you and Sharon would have been in the soup together..  :whis:

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Thanks everyone for  your kind comments.


And for once I didn't even have to make the exciting bits up.. that engine really blew up on me because I pushed it to hard, and ATC on Tenerife really need a kick in the groin area....  ;)


@Joe: Don't worry, Brian is covering the cost for the Twin otter, aren't you mate???


@Andrew: Sharon is an absolute delight, and a very distinguished lady, and you should watch what you say about her....  she's right here telling me what to say, just so you know mate.....


@James: Yeah, I sure am glad it didn't happened after I had turned north towards Madeira... somehow a swim in the atlantic at this time of year isn't something I would look forward too  ;)

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Hey Micke,

A great exciting leg. Well executed and thanks a bunch for landing me with the credit card bill.

I can't thank you enough. :(

You reall should take more care of your engines you know.

Cheers for standing in, a great job.


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Great story and screenies Micke. Very exciting flight with an engine fire over water!

I really love that Twotter, great choice of planes.

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When I grow up I want to submit PIREPS like that. :hat:


I really enjoyed your write up, very clever story line and aircraft changes. I love the TOtter too but you have to watch those gauges :winka:, sure was nice of Brian to cover the costs. His vacation is costing a fortune.  :D Sharon may be a very distinguished lady, on the other hand she seems to have a little bit of a cruel streak with a healthy D4DR gene.(she didn't hear me did she :fool: )   



Funny that BIMBO and FUN were so close together. :whis:



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Funny indeed Brett, and even funnier for a swede since that Cucumber was thrown in to the mix....   had I included a SID the sequence of waypoints would have been Cucumber - Bimbo - Fun....   :P

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